Eric finally answers Jude & friends and their LIES

There’s a new fraud on MySpace. A woman who claimed to have nearly died in the hospital after they removed a tumor. Her name is Jude Stilwell, 55, of Newport Beach, CA. (Also involved, her daughter Sarah Stilwell, 24). It seems we all have our doubts about her now, so she has resorted to having blogs and profiles deleted to silence everyone… including MY MYSPACE BLOG. Try and delete THIS ONE, ya phony.

Flashback: May 2001…
I checked in on my friend Kaycee’s blog to find a post from her mom that she passed away after a long struggle with leukemia. I was so upset that my boss gave me time to go outside and compose myself.

I couldn’t stop crying! She was a blogger I had grown very close to, and was like a little sister to me.

A few days later, a discussion on MetaFilter started. It was questioning if this sweet soul was even real. I WAS SO OUTRAGED! It was OBSCENE to even suggest this. People close to her were getting upset. Many people spoke to her on the phone and she was even mentioned in a New York Times article. It was LUDICROUS to even suggest it!!! I was in there with the best of them to defend my friends memory from these vultures. Were they THAT jealous of her popularity?

And… wouldn’t you know… they were right. It was all a hoax. Her “mom” created the character and kept the facade up for two long years with us.

I’m still ridiculed to this day about how bad I carried on in there and how I viciously attacked people for questioning what I was too emotionally involved to see.
Fast-Forward: To yesterday
So to the “Flagpole guy” who told me in my comments how he “wishes a painful death on me” for being a “heartless bastard”, or the woman who can telepathically see if people have cancer online who says people like me “are the reason no one believes in anything anymore”… (I was concerned about the brown spots appearing on my face a few years back and wondered if I got skin cancer like my mom had. But since you didn’t mention it…. WHEW!)

I understand the state of irrational denial you’re in right now. Your head is saying “something is wrong” yet your emotions are clinging to the falsehoods because being wrong will shatter your perception of reality. Been there done that. I forgive you.

Do you SEE the danger in becoming emotionally attached to someone online and just relying on blind faith yet? I do.

The people attacking Kelly Jo, however… you’re about to be dealt with mercilessly.

Contrary to recent assumptions, I don’t have a “trust” problem at all. Most people here, I believe and take them at face value. I don’t need two forms of ID to verify if you’re a living soul on the other side of the computer. I have many friends here with ailments and even terminal illnesses that don’t need to convince me. I can just tell.

But when something doesn’t add up…. take your “SHAME ON YOU”s and your “HOW DARE YOU”s and shove them clear up your ass, ok?

So, how about this week’s gossip…..?

Jude and friends have gone on the attack. Calling US the haters.

Most people missed what Jude’s Blog was REALLY about…
This is comment below is from my last blog. This is the comment that started it all and made Kelly Jo a target by the “loving Christian” Jude Camp.

Kelly Jo's comment on my MySpace blog that set Jude off

Does it look like she was talking about Jude? Did any of the previous blogs mention Jude before her temper tantrum and martyrfest? You can tell as Jude’s blog references “crappy blogs” and “lighting candles” she somehow thought this comment was directed at her. IT WASN’T, unless Jude is SO VAIN and SO PARANOID that she thinks she is the only person on MySpace who had “Virtual Candles” lit for her or has crappy blogs (fact is, most of you do.).

No names were used in Jude’s post but her army of sycophants and sockpuppets made it clear in the comments. It was mostly Kelly Jo and myself as well as Mayet, Belladonna Badass, Irish LALA, Crabby, and many others who are putting the pieces together about her “Praying for Jude” publicity stunt and seeing that the pieces don’t add up….

My skin is a little thicker than yours Jude. Dont worry what the assholes say. They laugh about hurting people and move on to hurt a new person in every blog.

One of the assholes your referring to says that he lives near me in Hollywood. I kept inviting him over until he finally told me he lives on the east coast. He had every chance to see how real I am. He turned out to be the liar. I had a huge crush on him like half of the girls on myspace. I drank his kool aid. lolz.

Posted by Sam on October 15, 2008 – Wednesday 8:20 AM  [Reply to this]

HA! See, I never would have known this blog was about me, except I remember this silly conversation with “Sam”. But I remember it a little differently.

See, when someone with the same three pictures in their profile (lifted from another profile?), and does nothing but talk about Jude… well that just screams “FAKE PROFILE” to me.

And when a fake profile starts emailing me things like “I’m lonely, come over”, I’m thinking “Someone is fucking with me here”. I thought for the longest time she was The Silent Nation making a comeback (ask the Blog Kamikaze). After ignoring her emails for days at a time, I finally responded “Sure, I’ll start walking. See you in 3 months. Keep the dinner warm for me.”. That’s when I found out this idiot really thought I lived in California (I’m in PA… see my website. I have NEVER made that a secret or *told* people I live in Hollywood. I used to call the Poconos “ANARCHTICA” when I lived there.).

If you think every detail on someone’s profile is true, then you must be AMAZED at how many hot-looking and hip 99-year old models are here on MySpace. rofl

Nice try with a twisted story trying to “expose” me as a “fake and liar”. You’re so full of shit that taking an ex-lax may cause a natural disaster in your area.

Like Silver-Jouie, Babe, and Chad/Todd did, using a fake profile breaking the news about thier “deaths”… Jude used a fake profile to infiltrate all our friends lists so we’d ALL know Jude was in the hospital, dying and we should pray for her.

Lookie what I noticed:

How do you have a URL like 'Praying4Jude' when there WAS NO 'Praying for Jude' movement  for another 2 weeks?


Sam is a fake profile

Now the next fucknugget will be getting EXTRA special attention from me (though I suspect it’s really Jude who uses fake profiles to say what she REALLY means and attack others while keeping her hands and reputation clean).

Nine-Toed Russ….
Oh my gawd, you fucking piece of SHIT. So are you the replacement of “Paul”, the doctor who sat with Jude, fell in love with her and sent a marriage proposal by text, and SWORE to me that “Sam” is a real person and was in the hospital? (why are there no pictures of “Sam” by the MRI machine? Or ANYWHERE in the hospital visits?)

Its funny how those that have the most to hide, are the ones that are pointing frantically at everyone around them, shouting ” Fake Person ”

Yet you read their blogs and there all supposedly written in the interest of their readers and warning them against the dishonest people on myspace that take advantage, yet they fill that catagory completely, they are the dishonest ones that twist everything to make themselves look good. They have no morals.

They should Take a good look at themselves before pointing at others.

Thank you Jude for high lighting the hypocrites.

Most people on here are sensible enough to make their own minds up, Without having some brainless morons spout a load of lies to boost their own ego’s.

Posted by Russ on October 15, 2008 – Wednesday 8:03 AM [Reply to this]

Isn’t it ODD how both “Sam” and Russ don’t seem to know when to use “your” and “you’re” in sentences? And YES dickhead… those blogs written by Mayet, Bella and myself ARE in the interest of warning others. The fact that Camp Jude is so defensive and so hostile right now is VERY telling.

This is basically the crux of their argument against us. They avoided the issue about faking an illness or surgeries, and turning it around into a strawman argument about their accusers being the fakes and a bunch of meanies. A diversionary tactic at best.

Jude’s behavior lately is more like a pathological liar who has been caught and cornered. Playing the victim, instead of answering some basic questions people have raised.

Oh and did we mention that Mayet has shown proof that Jude has plagiarized several of her blogs? Yeah… honesty and karma. I can see how important they are to you and the rest of the “Praying for Jude” groupies. You’re credibility is SHOT, darlin.

Jude is a plagiarist

Russ is right about one thing….
Most of us here ARE sensible and have made up our minds here.


Now let’s move on to Russ’ blog which was reprinted by Expect A Miracle

Now what is the point of copying an entire blog anyway?
(Oh right. See, Russ is just a big ol’ pussy who thinks he’s an Internet Tough Guy attacking Kelly Jo while blogging behind a private profile…. yeah, I know it’s really Rude Jude again, but I’d feel better referring to this cocksucker as a “man” for this piece.)

Kelly Jo’s Bulletin about James and Daddy
See, this is Kelly Jo’s wicked sense of humor for you. You either get her or you don’t. You think we’re bad in public? You wouldn’t BELIEVE what we say about you guys in private!

This bulletin has been brought to my attention today. I am amazed to the depths this person will sink. Kelly Jo and her associates have run a hate campaign, firing at any and everyone that has a illness,  justifying their behavior as “trying to protect those of us that have genuine illness’s”. Which for me doesn’t wash at all.

Questioning things make us “haters”? O RLY?
I thought that made us rational and intelligent. *slaps forehead*

You need to accept the fact that a LARGE majority of MySpacers just aren’t swallowing the James and Daddy story (of course anyone that can buy into the bullshit that a woman in a coma comes back to become a top blogger and write 75 blogs in between masturbating in a hospital bed is bound to believe ANYTHING).

My blog was written last year when THREE “I have a sick kid that wants a zillion friends” profiles appeared and I was pressured into endorsing them. I simply said in my blog I can’t verify them, I have my reservations about them, so I wont endorse them. THAT’S IT. I never said they were fakes, I didn’t attack them, but think about it logically:

  • The URL is “bizwiz68”. That tells me this profile was used for something else before he decided his son was his meal ticket to MySpace fame…
  • Instead of a Playstation, a trip to Disneyland, or even a quick fondling by Michael Jackson… a sick kid that never accesses his profile wants a million friends on MySpace? SERIOUSLY?
  • After a year of me hearing about James and Daddy, the only Google search result for “James Hatherley” or “Brian Hatherley” is an online newspaper article from two weeks ago? (and I’ll be getting to that soon) No celebrities coming to see him? No foundations putting out press releases? I see Chris Crocker and Tila Tequila all over the tv and the web, why not James and Daddy….

The young man in question lives only 200 miles from me.

And I bet you haven’t so much as sent him a single balloon. You cheap bastard.

A recent article in the local paper read as follows :-

He is referring to this piece in the Shropshire Star. Something the James and Daddy followers offer as “proof” he’s real.

(UPDATED: Mrs. Clayton has spoken to Ian Harvey, assistant editor at the Shropshire Star, Lizzie Yates is employed there, the article is indeed real, and so is James and Daddy. let’s keep the jokes about them to a respectful level from now on, ok?)

Besides what looks like a really bad photoshop job, and his name misspelt on the plane (how convenient, huh?), this “article” looks like a user-submitted piece in the newspaper website’s gallery. I’ve sent an email off to the online director over there, inquiring about this so-called article… I’ll keep you all posted with the results.

Hey, what do I know. I was only a Webmaster for a newspaper owned by Dow Jones for four years, right?

Kelly jo’s idea of how a diabetic is. Obese, constantly eating cakes and sweet stuff, just goes to show her ignorance of the condition,

Oh… this again.

Kelly Jo has been FALSELY ACCUSED by Jude and pals for making the “Daisy Diabetes” profile. Actually it’s Belladonna Badass who created that and it’s part of an online prank we’re all playing to ridicule people who fake illnesses online (STAY TUNED!)

And As Bella stated in her blog, which verbally put Jude’s head through a wall yesterday… you fuckers owe Kelly Jo an apology (but we wont hold our breath).

And Anais Nin cleared up some misconceptions that fuckstick here is trying to imply… so make that TWO apologies owed.

Then he goes on to show pictures of his foot with a challenge:

To Miss Kelly Jo and associates you can search the web to your hearts content, but you won’t find these pictures anywhere, there my personal ones I took so I could see it was actually healing.

I hate to break it to this creepazoid, but I don’t CARE enough about him and his nasty feet to even bother. How’s THAT? I will say that has got to be the WORST amputation job, I’ve ever seen. Did you do it yourself with a hacksaw?

Now if we were fake and just after sympathy, what harm does that do anyone to spare a few minutes supporting another human being. Has the human race become that cynical, that we’re suppose to agree with these “hate” spreaders and ignore a cry for help ?

This moron SERIOUSLY doesn’t get it. Besides the fact that all the “hate” I see coming out around here is from “Camp Jude,” why does he feel it’s our responsibility to respond to every “cry for help”… most of us get online to escape OUR problems. Why must we have to deal with YOURS? See a therapist or a shrink instead of expecting strangers to be burdened with your problems, ok? I.don’t.give.a.flying.fuck.

You just spent a good portion of your blog ripping apart a good woman. Someone VERY loved and respected in our community over some imagined insult to you (most of which were false accusations) and you want sympathy? GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Here’s my favorite part….

To you doubt spreaders, I challenge you to meet me, watch me inject myself, then allow me to inject you with the same liquid and same amount. I might call you a paramedic a hour later when you go into a coma. Then again I might just think your faking it for sympathy and walk away and leave you.

HAAAAAAA!!!! Nice death threat pal! I don’t know what that is in Jolly Old England, but here in the U.S. of A… we call that PREMEDITATED MURDER, MOTHER FUCKER!

Russ is an asshole

And Jude is a sick fucking bitch for condoning this and spreading it around! So are a few other “friends” I saw pimping this out in a bulletin….

Have you all had enough of this insanity yet?
Faking illnesses… plagiarism… attacks through fake profiles… DEATH THREATS?

Jude is a fraud

To anyone who has gotten involved with Jude through me, I sincerely apologize, and I hope I can right a wrong here. The rest of you chosing to stay emotionally involved in this freakshow… you can do it at your own RISK.

Read what everyone else has to say about this… (AND BELIEVE ME, MORE IS COMING!)

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