Just a quick note

The nightmare continues. Make no mistake.

This time, all of my real-life friends and family are involved and helping. I’ve let a few online friends know what’s been going on. It makes our troubles since June seem trivial.

How bad is it…? I had gray hairs develop in a week’s time. I’m only 35.

Fuck you Poconos! I wanna go home. Carole wants to stay & fight… I want to grab what we can and run for it!

We drove in for my aunt’s wake in Glendale, Queens, yesterday. The city I swore never to set foot back in, two years ago, never seemed more beautiful… the cold steel buildings welcomed me as we crossed the Triborough Bridge.

Driving though Main Street, Flushing, the kids thought I lost my mind.

“OOH… Grafitti!!!”

“Lock your doors, kids…those two guys are looking to carjack someone!!!!”
” I can’t read a goddamn sign on the streets, it’s all in Korean…ain’t it great???”

The kids were terrified, and daddy was in total bliss! It all just felt…right?

But is it any different? The kids are frightened at home. Life is a nightmare in the Poconos too, with so many legal hassles… they have no security there. We left New York City to give them a better life. Yet they’re scared. They’re always scared… and it’s killing me.

I can take any punk down in the streets. Did it my whole life. I have the street savvy to survive New York City.

But I can’t fight a corrupt legal system.
Fuck you Poconos!!! I want to go home… before it’s too late.

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