Just a reminder…

  • Banned Books Week – See what’s been banned/is planned on being banned… right here in America??!!?? Show your support against ignorance!
  • The FBI has uncovered evidence that September 22nd may be another potential day of terrorist attacks. They got this from many of the suspects nailed recently. Off the record, I hear from insiders that some of them are “singing like canaries” against Osama bin Laden, Iraq, other terrorists, Al-Qaeda…and giving a lot of crucial information about future attacks, hideouts, and strategic layouts…While I’m extremely grateful, there will be no “Black-eyed virgins waiting for these guys in Heaven” now. Uh…you dudes *DO* realize that, right?

    Please be careful tomorrow, y’all…..

  • I think it’s time to put the wraps on America Under Attack. It’s definitely the calm before the storm, and unless any further events unfold… We’ll all be bracing ourselves for Operation: Infinite Justice.
  • I’ll also be taking this time to finish writing my account of the recent events in Ground Zero: The Untold Stories. Ever wonder how a newspaper operates when a story bigger than Pearl Harbor and Titanic combined unfolds right in front of you? STAY TUNED.It’ll also feature first-hand accounts by many of my friends who were right there in the thick of it (of course submissions are always welcome…).

    It’ll be here at SoApBoX, and then eventually be moved to its new home at Remember 9-11.

    It may or may not feature a chilling, non-fictional chapter called “My name is Maria“, about a woman who graphically describes buried alive.

    I’m still mulling over this, as I feel there were plenty of powerful true stories out there. Last week, it *definitely* would have been in bad taste…. however, there’s plenty of legend and folklore circulating around this tragedy already (Satan’s Face, Nostradamus, the cop surfing down, the firemen in the SUV)… and I feel there will be more as the years roll by. If I include it… there will be a stern ***READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*** warning on it, I promise.

    One of the people who told me their tale also has up-close and gruesome photos of the carnage at Ground Zero. I’m not sure how many I would be comfortable posting… but I do want America to remember what happened to us, and I want us to stay angry and supportive of military action.

  • Crucial Reads for America:

  • Truth or Consequences – By William Saletan – Currently we’re all feeling a form of “survivor’s guilt”, or are our heads being played with by our enemies…? It’s a A REAL EYE-OPENER!If we withdraw from the world and/or change our foreign policy… then we have given the terrorists exactly what they set out to do.
  • Stand Proud America! – In 1973, Canadian radio host Gordon Sinclair broadcast “The Americans”… showing support during an unpopular war amid great anti-American sentiment. Fifteen years after his death, his words come alive again in a widely-circulated E-Mail called “America: The Good Neighbours”… giving us all a boost when we need it most. While our enemies spread propaganda and slam us… someone remembers all the good the United States has done.
  • Did you remember to use MetaFocker in a sentence today?

2 thoughts on “Just a reminder…

  1. RE: The Nostradamus thing.-
    The Nostradamus Phrphecy circulating is a blatant fabrication. First, it is eight lines long. All the prophecies of the big N were four lines long. The first four lines in the internet prophecy bear resemblence to a very vague prophecy (prophecy 97 of the 6th century) while the last four are a complete fabrication. Oh, and the date on the thing tells us that Nostradamus wrote this particular prophecy posthumously…by almost 100 years.


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