KayCee-Vu all over again

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Remember KayCee Nicole? The Chipper, 19 year old who wrote beautiful poetry, suffered from Leukemia… oh yeah, and never existed?

Here’s a quick recap:

And well for all my haters here, thought you’d get a kick out of the beating I take from morons who twist everything I say in their Yahoo Group. Never mind the fact that I already apologized not once but twice on Metafilter for thinking that two web heavyweights vouching for KayCee, several people speaking on the phone with KayCee Swenson and a New York Times article about her was sufficient proof of her existence over their lame ass gut instincts. (Gee what was I thinking?) .

Ahhhhh fond memories of the past…. most of those losers, you can’t even find their websites anymore….
*waves off into obscurity-land and hopes they see me from down there* 😀

Anyway…. I stumbled across the most interesting article last night:
Protect Your Community from a Hoax

Lo and behold, it turns out there is a blogger by the name of Widow who joined a community of cancer survivors called Hyster Sisters. Weaving beautifully descriptive tales about all her sufferings
(compare her writing to my Debbie Swenson spoof here) .

But wait… the plot thickens! Last month, Kathy, the owner, was tipped off and shut Widow down as she was exposed elsewhere as Silver, Silver-Jouie, jouiegoy, Dorota Dinte, Widow, Dr Widow T Elliott Lee, Natasha Astra Elliott

And so ends the drama
I know you have been concerned about “Widow” as you follow her illness and progress.I have been contacted by someone who provided me with information that appears to indicate that “Widow” may not be who we believe her to be.
There is evidence of a person with the same email address, details of illness, geographic location and other details, that created a hoax over a year ago about her illness and death, requesting money be sent for donations. The details are identical.
  • One post on MySpace where Silver, a breast cancer survivor, tugs at someone’s heartstrings and then in December of 2006 suffers from every health issue under the sun, including (wait for it…) BRAIN ANEURISM (What did KayCee die from again? YEP! You betcha!).
  • Six months earlier, June 5th 2006, a (wait for it again…) POET named Silver-Jouie Goy and her death is TOTALLY BUSTED on MySpace as a fraud.The reaction of her death from her fellow poets here and this one sure looks like a mini version of the ugliness on Metafilter …..
  • Silver Jouie’s page on Zorpia. Much like Kaycee’s request which made people suspicious… please don’t send flowers or cards…. donate to charity. hmmmmmm

A new epidemic of women dying and then being uncovered as frauds?
Or the same person moving on to bigger and greener pastures?

Hell if I know.
But the parallels are uncanny. 😉

KayCee Nicole... or should I say Julie FullbrightKayCee Nicole... or should I say Julie FullbrightKayCee Nicole... or should I say Julie FullbrightKayCee Nicole... or should I say Julie Fullbright

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38 replies on “KayCee-Vu all over again”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me much. I would say the parallels might be more than a coincidence. I do not doubt she has evolved into yet another name with the same story line even today.

    The photos you show, however, are not that of the real Natasha. (Widow/Silver’s real name is Natasha Astra Elliott) I know that Natasha used fake photos for Silver though. I just never saw any of those as we entered the storyline when she joined Hystersisters.

  2. These pics of “KayCee” were actually a basketball player/neighbor named Julie Fullbright, used to authenticate KayCee’s existence. I kind of half-debated whether I should use them as this poor girl’s privacy has been violated enough. Then again, I got these off another site already out there.

    The KayCee hoax originated from a woman in Peabody, Kansas. Natasha/Silver/Widow was supposedly either from the UK or Halifax, Nova Scotia… but people seem to doubt that as her writings were kind of American.

    I’m sure Widow/Silver’s was fake as well. And on MySpace, you can lift people photographs easily.

  3. She is actually from the Manitoba area of Canada. It sounds like a different person than managed the Kaycee hoax but isn’t the entire thing a puzzle? Her photos of “Widow” are accurate. They are of the real Natasha. But she used different photos for the Silver hoax on Myspace. Her own photos were used for her other character in the Silver hoax: best friend Donata.

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