History of Kekistan Part II #FreeKekistan #Shadilay

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History of Kekistan Part II – Ordinary Kekistanis Daring to Defy History
Brought to you by: Free Press of Kekistan

Brought to you by the power of autism, our Kekistorians and Ayalulahs unearth the mysteries surrounding this great, yet forgotten nation, as well as the destiny of its people. Everything in this video is 100% factual and totally not fake news at all. This episode focuses on the love affair and eventual betrayal of beloved and famous Kekistani, Abraham Lincoln.

Part One:

Shadilay Remix by Homophobic Horse
This video was written and animated by a British-Kekistani Liberal, and narrated by a Kekistani-American Conservative. All memes were found via Google Image Search and used under Fair Use for the purposes of parody and commentary.

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