La Skeem Familia

Well, aaaaalrighty!
Wont the you-know-who’s be thrilled (Big-time “Skeemers” don’tyouknow)…

Ali Dee: Pimpin' for Rock-n-RollI heard back FROM Ali Dee & the Grand Skeem regarding permission to post samples to SHOW you guys they kick total ass, and they replied:

“you got it brotha………thanks for helpin’ spread the Skeem word!!!!!!

La Skeem Familia
Keep Skeemin’
Love Ali Dee, Vinni, John & Rich”

So here ya go…

On Sale in stores now!
On sale in stores NOW!
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It’s Party Time

[RealAudio] |  [MP3]


[RealAudio] |  [MP3]

Baby Got Back

[RealAudio] |  [MP3]


[RealAudio] |  [MP3]

Enjoy, and thanks in advance for the support!

9 thoughts on “La Skeem Familia

  1. Hey all of u who didn’t kno who The “SEXY” Grand Skeem was, now u cna listen to sum clips of their music, and love them as much as I do. I dunno which song is my favorite, honestly I love them all, and so will u. Keep Listening nad let me kno what u think of it.

  2. It’s party time! Now that’s a way to start my day…yeah, I got up a little late. *wink* Nowhere to be baby so it’s party time! xoxo


  3. God dammit, couldn’t you have posted that yesterday when I had access to a modern computer with a soundcard! =o)
    And in which archive category is the happy birthday to kd entry where there was a mp3 you’ve made? Just in case I get access to a modern computer with soundcard again.

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