7 thoughts on “!looF lirpA

  1. Today being the 2nd, and not quite awake myself yet, (just sipping my tea), I had to read it a few times, and said to myself, WTF holiday is he referring to?? Guess you’d have caught me eh -e-!?

  2. Aw, tell me you missed all the text and images flipped in mirror-reverse, Doc?

    I’ll probably turn INTO a pr0n site for nextyears April Fool’s prank. :0)

  3. I totally figured that oen out on April 1 st, that was pretty cool, but my step mom has this weird tallent , she can read backwards (revese the letters) so she told my dad and I, and after I got home, my mom had it pulled up on the computer and I pointed out that Dr. Loof Lirpa was April Fools backwards……and that it was only a joke. LOL

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