Lotsa Fonts! CD

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Lotsa Fonts!

You know you want one.

While I’m sure Ren and Alwin would have just been happy with me burning a plain disk and mailing it out… but you know me. I have to make a big production out of everything. (It’s going out today, guys. I swear!) :0)

Lotsa Fonts! will be available toward the end of this month to commemorate this site’s 5th anniversary on August 23rd. It will be a members-only deal, and it’ll only cost as much as shipping & materials (I have no intention of making money off of someone else’s hard work).

Over 2,000 free and shareware true type fonts for just a couple of bucks, right there on your desk.

Think about it.
More details in our next newsletter in about a week.

Still working my widdle fingers to the bone on the Pennsylvania Music Awards site.

Johnny has a tentative date for the SHOW next year at the Mountain Laurel Center for the Performing Arts.

… assuming we survive any potential terrorist attacks the grand opening next Saturday as Tom Ridge and Dick Cheney are expected in my neck of the woods (It *IS* named the “Tom Ridge Pavilion”, after all…silly.). Security measures have been… to say the least… scary.

EricBrooks.Com® – Where the Secret Service guys send me candy and flowers with every inner-cavity search.

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12 replies on “Lotsa Fonts! CD”

  1. Does that mean you have lots of flowers and candy comin’ out yer butt? *snicker*
    Good to see you checking in, I was getting worried about you–but I understand being worked to death. Come up for air occasionally, ok? {{eric}}

  2. e, did you design that cover? ‘Cause if you did, I need to tell you I think it’s awesome – very sharp, very you. You’re good! I probably don’t say that enough to people…

  3. Yeah, right. That’s what you said LAST time… *mutters*

    *grin* I’m a patient person. I am. I swear… (but you’ll hear FROM me tomorrow if I don’t have it in the mail tonight…)

    Kidding… again. *grin*

  4. Good idea re the fonts… hmm, I ought to set up some giveaways… I’ll have to think about it. I know that “Worked fingers to bone” feeling. It’ll be ok when you’re looking back on it.

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