Make 9/11 – “Hero Day”?

This was just submitted to me at work, it seems like it also went to the Daily News as well:

"Hero Day" 

We have enough walls and memorials in just about every city of this great nation, you will see signs in an emergency dial 911. I offer that our elected public officials set in motion a bill that 9/11 (September 11th) henceforth be known as Hero Day. A day set aside to honor all the police, fire, emergency service technicians, and all those who put their lives on the line each day for the benefit of their fellow man. I further submit that a law be invoked, appropriately named the "Blue Law." This law would require that all stores and businesses to remain closed. No Business, no sales, no holiday. A day set aside for family, friends, and communities to gather together. Due to greed we have lost the meaning of Memorial, Labor, and Veterans Days let this day remain 9/11 forever. We should never forget.

Dedicated to The Twin Towers


God bless the victims and the families
God Bless American forever

Proud to be an American,
[Name omitted by Moi for privacy]
Retired NYPD

What do you guys think? I think it’s a hell of a great idea…

Help is on the way – A large convoy of trucks is lining up right here in Stroudsburg with medical supplies, and a whole bunch of other goodies from states going as far back as Indiana… on it’s way to NYC. Just waiting for clearance from the George Washington Bridge.


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