[#Marvel] Moon Girl's Mentors

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From Marvel Movies NewsMoon Girl’s Mentors:

Moon Girl’s Mentors
Over the course of her adventures, Lunella Lafayette has met quite a few of the Marvel Universe’s most famous players. Most recently, we’ve seen her teaming up with the X-Men. As a budding super hero and child genius, this has given Moon Girl the opportunity to learn a lot about how the hero thing is done. We caught up with writer Brandon Montclare about some of the lessons these mentors (and a couple peers) have taught her. Totally Awesome Hulk – The big, green version of Amadeus Cho introduced Lunella to the heroes of Marvel. It didn’t go well. She definitely didn’t like finding out that Hulk was the Eighth Smartest Person in the World. The “unranked” Moon Girl tried to pretend it was NBD, but recognition secretly means a lot to Lunella. So their next meeting was incredible: by testing Moon Girl with the legacy Banner B.O.X., the whole world learned that Lunella is the Smartest There Is.

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