[#Marvel] Totally Awesome Hulk: Settling a Showdown

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From Marvel Movies NewsTotally Awesome Hulk: Settling a Showdown:

Totally Awesome Hulk: Settling a Showdown
“The Big Apple Showdown” in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK will come to a smashing conclusion with issue #18 on April 19. Written by Greg Pak and drawn by Mahmud Asrar, the storyline brings Ms. Marvel, Shang-Chi, Silk, and Jimmy Woo into Amadeus Cho’s wild world just as aliens attack. Asrar first hopped on the book with issues #11 and #12 before returning for the “Big Apple Showdown” story beginning with #15. Now, we talk with the artist about bringing all of these heroes together, making Amadeus Cho even more awesome, and continuing to work with Pak.

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