McGreevey: So friggin’ what?

I kinda figured there was more to the story of NJ Governor Jim McGreevey stepping down. If he had child pr0n, or was embezzling, or just fucking up the state of New Jersey beyond REPAIR (assuming that’s even possible), that I can understand.

But an affair… with a gay guy? People, get a grip!
He owes his wife and family one hell of an explaination, but I don’t see how that affects him as a governor. I assumed some kind of blackmail/lawsuit was in the works.

He’s a homo, a nancy boy. Big deal. I could have told you that FROM his pictures. He’s too well-groomed to be a straight man (*raises eyebrow at PA Senator Rick Santorum*).

But naturally it’s the “watercooler topic du jour” at work today.
Everyone agrees it’s no reason to step down, but then come the dividing lines between the sexes:

Women (Vaginum Illogicus) – Feel for Mrs. McGreevey, as they feel this is a worse blow to their womanhood than if their husbands had a fling with a cheap female hooker. They don’t understand how she can even stand there with all smiles at the conference.

Men (Penile Beerguzzlus) – “Aw hell, if the situation was reversed, and it was MY wife, I’d like to be there with a video camera, or at least get some polaroids out of the deal!”

Naturally, the ever-so-predictable “All men are pigs” came out of the female camp after I, uhm I mean, this person said this.

Amazing how men and women see things differently.

5 thoughts on “McGreevey: So friggin’ what?

  1. MUAHAHA! Rick Santorum! MUAUAHAHA!

    *wipes eyes*

    anyway, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal either….I think he’s a jerk for not getting out of his marriage sooner…I mean, cheating is cheating, but well, if he was doing a good job, then it shouldn’t matter if he stays Gov….

    I’ve always wondered about a lot of the GOP screamers….waaaaaaay too wwell groomed….

  2. I am so glad you commented on this! I too, am wiping tears FROM my eyes and howling at your post *santorum* LOL!
    Of course this is utter bullshit! Unless a person has proven that they’ve allowed their personal life to effect the job, then there’s no need for him to be fired. As for his wife, I sympathize, really I do. But I also know first hand FROM friends how many of them have felt forced INTO “trying to go straight”. Society just won’t have it any other way and until people are free to be who they are upfront without discrimination, there will continue to be broken hearts like this. Seriously folks, chances are she knew better than anyone else her husbands persuasion. She most likely just loved him anyway.

  3. The only other thing he did wrong (besides the affair) was he gave this guy a short-lived position as homeland security adviser in 2002 to keep him quiet. Not good, but forgivable. He quit after a short time, and really… if Al-Qaeda set off a dirty bomb in NJ, who would notice?

    If it were an ongoing thing, impeding his ability to perform as governor, I’d say he should step down… but it seems this guy has decided to be a pain in the ass after two years and demand money.

  4. Politics, sex, money….thats what the wrold revolves on eh -e-. Gimme enuff of the last two, I’ll be happy. Keep the first one.

    Yup, it was chat at work today as well.

    And indeed, the average male would be quite happy to at least watch if not participate in an attempt at conversion with the missus and her lady of choice. We do see things very differently…men and women.

    Take it easy bredren.

  5. I think his wife must have known about it for a long time and she probably wanted out of the marriage and felt like she was imprisoned. Reason for her smile? Finally unloading him, big settlement and watching him sweat.

    Women’s point of view.

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