McWeekend Surf Picks

I was gonna rename the site “BEGORRRAH!” or “BLARNEY!” for all my Irish CyberPals out there, considering I never got around to making St. Paddy’s E-Cards . Maybe change the red graphics so they don’t burn your eyeballs out against the green background….But then again… that was too much work for just one day. Considering my boss & I were up ’till 4AM doing the final database & CGI tweaks for the Pocono Record’s Pocono Property Showcase, where I added “Price Range” in the search parameters this month…. I present instead:

Weekend Surfing Picks…

  • Happy Drunks.Com – What says St. Patrick’s day better than this site? An advice column entitled “Dear Wino”, “Damn ugly party picks”… lots of fun stuff to do while your Corned Beef is boiling.
  • Perl Grrls – Brought to you by the incredibly talented Tiffany Mulroy (a fiiiine Irish name). Free and shareware CGI scripts… and they’re all yours! What’s even more fun is trying to say “Perl Grrls” with an Irish Brogue… (Come on say it with me “Perrrrrl Grrrrls”. No, let the “r”s just roll off your tongue….)
  • U2.Com – And what would this day be without Dublin’s answer to the Fab Four? News, updates, merchandise… typical fan site stuff.
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