Mefi Re-visited

Wow… after reading John’s latest post, it sure flooded me with memories.

Truth be told, I’ve avoided Metafilter like the plague for some time, as it just seems to have become a pit of vipers over the years. People saying things to each other that you know they’d be swallowing their teeth in a real-life situation.

John’s noted how in a GROUP with 17151 members, I’m like old skewl, yet I’m still a Johnny-come-lately compared to him.

He wrote some nice things about me, and everyone takes John for granted so I’m gonna reciprocate:

John Namest – Observant and a cynical as they come. Hilarious poetry on demand. Willing to discuss politics with my boss to a standstill, while the rest of us wussed out. (I could have been fired… but it was a chance John was willing to take.) :0)

Always ready with a snappy comeback. And if I can be dubbed The Don Rickles of the Web, then this guy has to be CyberSpace’s answer to either George Carlin or (I really think he’s more like) Robin Williams.

This has inspired me to dip my toes in the pirhana tank once more. If John can do it, and Crazy Uncle Joe can do it… dammit, I’m no wuss! A simple comment. Nothing profound… but given the subject how could I resist?

I know Norway was a big supporter of the war… but a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize for Bush and Blair? ROFLMAO!!!!!

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