Merry Christmas!

Yeah, yeah… I know I’m a little behind the times.

(Well, at least in the advertising world, I am. Usually, they have all of their Holiday ads and promotions done by mid-July.)

The Reasons for Christmas Project – Still a work in progress. There’s going to be a major media blitz FROM State Rep. Kelly Lewis’ office any day now, so I’m working day and night to get this sucker out the door with the help of his aide Jon Jorgenson (who’s one cool mofo, I gotta tell you…. and I’m not just saying that because he visits my site, and is most likely reading this.) :0)

Of course the main objective of the site is to raise funds and awareness of PATH (Pocono Area Transitional Housing).

An all-star lineup of world-class musicians FROM the Poconos recorded the CD (We already covered Bob Dorough here. Did you know Phil Woods was the saxophone player on Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are”? And he’s won several grammys for his jazz recordings? Neither did I. Well, I’m an moron… what’s YOUR excuse?)

In other news:

  • We’ve moved. – The websites, that is. We’re on a newer, faster server. As always, there’s glitches, but Patrick and Joe got all the bugs worked out. Movable Type is working for me & Tina
  • The Font section is operational again… download your little hearts out.
  • Still without transportation – Running on the generosity of neighbors, my boss, and God’s mysterious sense of humor.
  • Somehow this all brings to mind my last conversation with Johnny Kai before he went back to Hawaii. The kids gave us sunglasses to play with, so I did my impersonations; everything FROM The Terminator to the Blues Brothers, where I interjected:

    Me: “Hey Johnny, did you see the new Ray Charles video yet?”
    Johnny Kai: “Uhm, no…?”
    Me: “NEITHER DID HE!!!!!

    Which was followed by me falling off the chair laughing (because I crack me up)…
    Johnny politely chuckling…
    The smaller BrooksKidz & the neighbor kid laughing hysterically (because, for reasons that completely elude me, they worship me)…
    The “ultra cool” teenage BrooksKidz saying: “Who the hell is Ray Charles???”…
    The neighbors at the TABLE nervously laughing (because they have this paralyzing fear of me publicly humiliating them for some reason)…
    And Carole shooting me her trademark “I-can’t-believe-you-just-said-that” dirty look?

    EricBrooks.Com? – Because being a total loser living in obscurity hasn’t spoiled me yet.

    … and yeah, I make fun of blind people. It’s not like he can read this, you know.

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