Message from Astaroth, Supreme Ruler of Anarchtica

Your absolute ruler, Astaroth...FEAR HIM!!!

(Transmitted from the near future – 2068 AD)

My loyal subjects…
From this day forth, you are hereby ORDERED to ignore the dangerous rantings of the one known as Ezrael. He has been deemed a threat to our society, and his words dare to challenge our way of life here in our dark realm.

Surely you remember him as the mortal prophet known as Matt Rossi. Six decades ago, he had written a rant entitled: America, you will be rounded up and shot. You wisely ignored his words back then.

Your broken and terrified people gladly surrendered your useless freedoms in exchange for a government given carte blanche to overrun the world as they saw fit. They played on your fears and issued the false promise that you would one day have those so-called “freedoms” back…

That is the time I, and my hellish demonic army of trolls, began to plan our conquering of your world…

World War Three, and the devastation that followed, was a great source of amusement to us. You thought you knew suffering then… you knew nothing!!! We threw your entire world in chains after that… and now you finally know happiness.

Because we have told you it is so.

What good has ever come out of liberty anyway? Various global changes like your American Revolution? The end of Apartheid in South Africa? The end of a divided Germany where an attempt to cross a wall meant death at the hands of your captors? What manner of foolishness is this anyway? You gave it all up when you surrendered to your fears. Now you are safely wrapped in my iron fist… where none dare to challenge me.

You brought this on to yourselves, foolish mortals…
Ignore the foolish rantings of the false prophet Ezrael
Our plans have already been set to motion…

There is no hope.
There is no future.
There is only the glory of Anarchtica.

Your Supreme Ruler.

7 thoughts on “Message from Astaroth, Supreme Ruler of Anarchtica

  1. When you evil Americans come for our beautiful International Criminal Court, i will be there to fight you on the beach at Scheveningen!

    But do give me a call before you come. It’s about an hour from here to the beach…

  2. Kendra: It’s far too late for me. You know that. :0)

    Why yes, Harald that would be quite nice. I will be the one bringing the wine. I think if there is to be a battle at a shore there should also be… a clambake.
    War doesn’t *have* to be uncivilized, you know.

  3. As Churchill said;

    We shall party on the beaches, we shall party on the landing grounds, we shall party in the fields and in the streets, we shall party in the hills…

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