Michele addiction?

Oh man.
I wanna ping her in the WORST way.

Though I’ve been an avid reader of Raising Hell (which BobtheCorgi got me into.), and though I’ve heard people rant about her constantly, I never got into her blog until recently…

Brawl of the WeekI’ve had the pleasure of watching her knock the shit out of four unnamed bloggers, who performed this whole de-linking ritual of her over her political views. You know, God forbid we run into someone we don’t agree 100% with. We must avoid them at all costs, or we might learn something. I don’t agree with her views on the Iraqi invasion, but hell, I love her style! Plus she handles her hatemail like a pro.

Lo and behold, she is a New Yorker… highly opinionated, rude and brash (gee, what a shock)… like me and many other New Yorkers I know. The only people who seem to understand our kind seems to be the equally rude and brash Chicago-ite, John.

… except we don’t have “listening face”. :0)

So not since Deb and Batgrl have I found myself harboring this unhealthy addiction of popping by a blog several times a day, just to see what’s up. What’s worse is there’s at least one new entry at A Small Victory every time I do it.

I like her blog…
I like her tits…
Mostly, I like the way her demented little mind works.

But can ya lay off the posting there? I really gotta get work done here!

PS: Today is Dan’s birthday. Dan has no comments. We must all chip in and buy Dan comments for his birthday. Happy birthday Dan. (You cheap bastard)

20 thoughts on “Michele addiction?

  1. Hee hee… I… uh…
    (Jeez, I was so prepared for “Get away from me, you creep, you’re making my Pepsi curdle!!!”, I wasn’t prepared for that response.)

    Can I get back to you on this one?

  2. I think anyone who gets all worked up about who’s linking them or not linking them or any of that babyish silliness has ISSUES. Like the kind of issues where they should probably be seeking social services.
    Please don’t tell me that just because she claims to wear a skirt you feel that male instinctive urge to comfort her when she feels vulnerable.
    ::rolls eyes::
    Don’t you have anything more interesting & relevant to post about on the eve of election day? heh.

  3. Oh I will do one more rant and rave about voting tonight, as I’m in for a looooooong day tomorrow at work.

    Michele needs no protecting or comforting, as she can clearly take care of herself in web wars (she’s smoking the competition in that “Blood Hungry War Blog” contest…)

    I don’t think it was the de-linking that bothered her as much as the whole rant they had to put out as to *why* they did it. De-Linking used to bother me too. Now I look at it as “Heyyyy! I just ruined someone’s day, alriiiiight!”

    (It’s not like they don’t come here everyday through someone else’s link…. PEEKABOO! I see your ISP & IP address!!!!!)

  4. Chloe, maybe if you took the time to read the entire history of the event, you would know why I was pissed. I couldn’t give a flying fuck who links or delinks me, but I sure do give a damn when I am publicly insulted for having an OPINION that doesn’t sit well with someone else and they have a public ceremony to delink me. That’s just rude.

    Chloe, don’t you have anything better to do than troll mine and Eric’s comments on the eve of election day?

  5. Chloe and Michele, I am available to *ahem* listen to both sides and mediate.

    E, you can smell a fight on the web like some drug-sniffing police dog.

  6. Feh. I link and de-link the way some people change their living room furniture around. It’s not about disagreement with me so much as boredom. And I don’t make a public event of it .. what the hell is a delinking RITUAL?? Does one burn incense? Chant? Feh, I say again, FEH.

  7. I need to learn how to pronounce feh.

    Look out Michele, encouraging Eric always makes him more nefarious and evil! Not that this is a bad thing, actually. He blogs better hopped up on horniness and evil, I think.

  8. He blogs better hopped up on horniness and evil, I think.

    I think the word you’re looking for is “FRUSTRATION”, Batgrl. :0)

    I’m gonna vote some people out of office, and deal with all you naughty monkeys later.

  9. *sigh* I need a new arch-enemy. E’s no longer any fun. He never takes me seriously. And Chloe, people who open their mouths without knowledge are really really a turn off.

  10. Yes, E is definitely in a lull on the arch enemy front…

    Oh no, Michele sharing enemies with Faith?
    I must pop popcorn and sit back and watch this one…

  11. Hey… give me a break people!!!
    I’m too busy at this moment to be a abll-buster to anyone.

    She offers all her enemies to Faith, while I’m the one doing all the sucking up here for some fresh meat.

    You suck, Michele!
    I’ll only vote for you another 20 times, then you'[re on your own… that’ll teach ya!!!!!

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