Mike Fisher for Governor

Why am I standing behind Mike Fisher for Governor?

  • Because as PA Attorney General, Mike Fisher got the job done. He’ll do the same as Governor of PA.
  • Consider all of the New Yorkers who moved here… and was SWINDLED by the various builder scams like Y-Rent. When certain unnamed politicians (*cough*the district attorney*cough*) basically laughed at New Yorkers… and then jumped on the bandwagon when they saw a popular movement going on….
    Fisher was ready to take action all along.
  • Solid plan on Education taxes – If you have lived in the Poconos for any extended period of time, you are KILLED WITH PROPERTY TAXES. Get a Democrat in Harrisburg right now, and taxes will go through the roof. While Mike Fisher, honestly “wont rule it out any options”, he has offered some solid alternatives to fund public education which now currently are derived MAINLY from property taxes.
  • Unlike the “charasmatic and well-funded” Rendell, Mike Fisher is not a “professional politician”. He sees action needs to be taken, and he does it. His track record as PA Attorney General says it all.
  • And most importantly…

  • When my wife was swindled and bought a bad business. It brought on a hellstorm of fines, potential lawsuits, and a lot of shafted customers by the previous owner of the company….When the popular thing to do was to drag my wife through court case after court case, fines, penalties, incarceration before trials, and LIVING HELL (mostly due to the incompetence and ignorance of the Monroe County District Attorney’s office.) only to have the cases closed because she wasn’t the one responsible for all of the deposits taken, and jobs not finished…PA Attorney General Mike Fisher worked with her. He read each and every complaint, went through all of our legal documents, sifted through the case with a fine tooth comb to see who was the REAL CRIMINAL responsible in all of these cases….

    This paved the way for New Jersey homeowners to sue the person responsible. New Jersey saw justice done… while PA will remain conned and shafted, thanks to our MORONIC local government and District Attorney.

  • Time for a change in Pennsylvania.
    As far my family is concerned, we owe Mike Fisher a large debt of gratitude.
    And WE’RE voting for him for Governor.

    One thought on “Mike Fisher for Governor

    1. Yes folks… there *will* be a more festive look to this blog through the elections. I’m currently at work now. Tough noogies.

      And I’d like to remind everyone that this is NOT a public forum, and the comments are not your “God Given Right” as Americans. I welcome freeform discussion, but I fear the potential for others to use my site as their soapbox… and this is an issue I feel strongly about.

      I don’t care who you go out there and vote for (well, actually I do, but that’s your business). BUT GET YOUR BUTTS OUT THERE AND VOTE, OR STOP WHINING ABOUT HOW THINGS SUCK!!!!!!

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