Mission: Impossible III


It appears I’ve succeeded where the Adorable Brookskidz have failed for almost two years:


Amaze your friends by following these easy, step-by-step instructions:

  • Have a pile of junk on your desk (meticulously balanced) topple off a shelf, and knock your full glass of iced tea all over your (so-called) “No-Spill-Guaranteed®” keyboard.
  • Scream “OH SHIT! OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!!!!” and lift the keyboard up in the air and shake all of the liquid out (so it can spread all over the circuitry reeeeal good!).
  • (This is VERY important!) Do NOT turn off your computer!!!! Continue working until you hear a sound like “PFFT!!!” come out (while smoke is unlikely, that’s an added bonus.)… THEN decide something needs to be done….

My next “Morons Anonymous” meeting is Wednesday at 7:30 PM… they’re gonna be SOOOOOOO PROUD OF ME!!!!


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