More mesmerizing than watching your computer defrag!

Have you people checked out the World as a Blog?

As a new post comes in, somewhere in the world (assuming they have Geotags), a blip shows up on the map with an excerpt of their post. Few things impress me these days. THIS is definitely one of them. I can stare at this thing for hours!

  • What? Real time & updating display of weblog postings, around the world
  • How? + geocoding + RSS
  • Is it really real-time? Nearly! updates about once per minute. the geo-blog poller checks about once per minute. and flash checks in with the server about once per minute. so at worse, it’s 3 minutes in the past, at best 1 minute.
  • Why so few blogs? Only ~13% of weblogs are geocoded (May 2003)
  • How do I? Add GeoTags and RSS tag to your Blog, then Ping
  • What is Online@GeoBlog? View who’s watching geoblog right now. Sign in with your url. Must have geo tags to be represented.
  • Contact mikel_maron at – Brain Off

123 thoughts on “More mesmerizing than watching your computer defrag!

  1. You gotta be kidding me. I’m actually two months ahead of you on a meme?

    (Skips about foolishly…la-la-la) Grins…

  2. I’m actually two months ahead of you on a meme?
    Hey… they don’t call you the LinkMeister for nothing, man… ;0)

  3. Afterthought: that map’s going to be going nuts during the blogagthon…and there’s a blogger down at the research station in Antarctica; they need to get on the map, too.

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