More thanks to…

Jann, Donna , The Mighty T, and Klondike Kate for getting the charity ball rolling and going above and beyond the call of duty…

Sue, Dr. D., Deborah, Lee, Dave, Tammie (who’s the birthday girl on Monday), Larry (yes, *that* Larry), and Kim for all the kind words, hilarious E-Cards, and making me feel so darned loved.

The nursing home, where my TOTALLY ungrateful kids have shipped me off to, has *ALREADY* confiscated my Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Stryper, and Skid Row CD’s… I suspect I am not going to last a week in here, despite the Haldol pills and Thorazine shots…

If it wasn’t for the banana pudding, I would have left by now.

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// Added 5:34 PM // – Klondike Kate just earned a spot in the “Above and beyond” category (not to mention a seat in Valhalla) with a donation to the Music Foundation of Pennsylvania – THANK YOU!!! ~ *SMOOCH*~

6 thoughts on “More thanks to…

  1. You’re very welcome!

    Hey….you admit to HAVING a Stryper CD? I used to like them. Metal Sludge has some funny, funny stuff about all those 80s bands, they constantly make fun of them….I can’t stay away FROM that place, even though I love most ofthe bands they rip!

  2. That’s a funny site!
    Yeah I remember, back in the days ™, Slayer was playing a club in Brooklyn a week before Stryper and they called them “Bible-Belting Bumblebees.”


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