Mother’s Day Weekend

One day isn’t enough… this year, we’re spending the weekend honoring those who have the toughest job on earth… Moms.

You’ve brought a life INTO the world, nurtured it, loved it, cried for it, and worried about it FROM day one… and will do so until you leave this world.

Of all the moms in the world, the single mom is probably the one I admire the most. There will be no husband there to serve her breakfast in bed, or buy an expensive gift, or take her out to dinner. No one to take the kids out so she can sleep late on “her day”… some may even have to go to work this weekend because they’re not only playing the role of mother *and* father, but they’re also the only source of income. They’re tough as nails, and their children will *always* come first.

A few that I admire are:
Kat – Raising her two boys single handedly. She’s constantly under attack by “armchair child specialists”, who criticize her for the smallest things they read in a post. When you get to know her, you learn she is far more than a post or two. She’s an incredible woman who has put her children above all, even her own health. A dear friend recently set up a site called HelpKat.Com. I can’t think of a better way to make her mother’s day by donating and helping her out. Believe me, she’s worth it.

Kimberly – In the “tough as nails” category, I’d say she’s in a league of her own. She’s lived a rough life, which she writes about on her site candidly and unapologetically. What’s happened has happened, it’s made her who she is… and in my opinion, a woman of incredible inner-strength that you have no choice but to admire. She’s currently kicking the toughest habit of them all… smoking. This proves once and for all, she’s tougher than I’ll ever be.

The Mighty T – Divorce has been exceptionally hellish for her. She’s had to give up a previous identity, while handing the URLs to all of the websites she manages to her ex’s attorney. While the charges have ranged FROM her choice to an alternative lifestyle, to claims that she has spends way too much time on the internet and web design to be a “proper mother”. A judge wouldn’t fall for the former, and the latter charge is preposterous. Her posts on her blog are few and far between. The timestamps on her posts are long after their bed time. It’s becomes apparent after a while that this is nothing more than a man tormenting what he can no longer control. An adult sexual preference does not have any bearings on what makes a woman “a good mother”. If given a choice between her children and the internet… it’ll be a sad day for the web, because I’m confident we’ll never hear FROM her again.

Tammie – I’ve known her to be nothing but sweet and supportive to every one of her friends. Raising her two little girls single handedly… and they’ll always come first in her life.

Klondike Kate – It wasn’t until tonight that I learned that she too is a single mom, and raised by a single mom as well. She writes “I don’t know how I did it, or how my mom did it. It all seems like a blur now”. It’s an easier-said-than-done simple answer: You’d be amazed what you can do… when you have to. If you ever read Kate reviews of someone, she goes the extra step and sees someone, deep inside their soul. She’s phenomenal.

There’s plenty more single moms out there. I hope you take a moment to take a bow here in the comments, or your friends get to pay tribute to you here or on their sites. Step moms, under-appreciated moms, mother-in-laws… moms of all kinds. DROP me a ping and share the love this weekend.

This weekend is dedicated to YOU. We salute YOU. And this song is dedicated to YOU.

18 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Great post!!! I agree with you about T ~ since she is the only one I know that you mentioned ~ her kids always come first trying to get them through all of this!!! Being a single mom is tough I was for almost 10 years but I wouldn’t have changed that time I had to learn about what I could or couldn’t handle for anything. Hope your wife has a wonderful mother’s day as well ~

  2. Eric, you so fucking rock! Great post and now I know some more single moms to read. I know Kim but not the others. Thank you for pointing them out. I love you man.

  3. This is for you Jamie (Note the color, since you’re FROM Texas).

    Don’t think for a second this post is just restricted to anyone with just a “current” status… It’s for any woman who’s had to go it alone. My wife, had to raise two on her own for three years before we met too.

    Hey Kat… anything for you! Anyone who’s lucky enough to be your friend knows you’re always there for them.

  4. Eric, What are you doing spreading all this love around? It’s catchy. Do you know how hard it is for me to mangage even the most basic level of shit-stirring? The next thing you’ll know, I’ll be posting cute kitty pictures and pleading for people to “just get along.” Oh no, it’s too late isn’t it?

    Oh well, Happy Mommies day all.

  5. That was a sweet post Eric! I fall under the “single mother” categorie but thankfully I have a great family to fill in!

    Happy Mothers Day to ALL good Mothers!!

  6. “Do you know how hard it is for me to mangage even the most basic level of shit-stirring”

    Oh is this about you-know-who? Believe me, I know all about it (her friends aren’t as friendly as she thinks.) She’s not worth the aggravation, and certainly not on this weekend…

    “I fall under the ‘single mother’ category but thankfully I have a great family to fill in!”

    Happy Mothers Day Jannelle!

    And this is for Kimberly, for being my hero…

    Just for showing everyone that you can be tough as nails *AND* be cute & sassy as well! :0)

  7. Ahhhh Thank You Eric *big smile* just for that on Father’s Day I just might have to send you another “leg” shot *wink*

  8. Awww thanks Lee… :0)

    And don’t think you’re just walking out of here, emptyhanded…. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND!
    (‘cuz your friends sure appreciate you & everything you do.)

  9. uh… wh-wait…. did I hear something about “Leg shots”????
    *looking at watch, eagerly waiting for “expendable male parental unit” day*

    (I normally call it “male sperm donor day”, but that wouldn’t be how I *MEANT* it, Speedbump would take it the wrong way and *SURELY* kick my ass… and it’s just too lovely of a day to get beaten down, ain’t it?)

    *here we go… there’s always ONE comment in every thread that causes a flame war… $5 says this one is it. Watch.*

    *bad enough I keep over-explaining it… that usually makes it worse.*

    *maybe I should stop*

    *Please don’t beat me up, Mr. Speedbump! I’m allergic to my own blood!!!! Just trying to do something nice for all the ladies this weekend….*

    *I mean, the last thing I need is some big-ass redneck thinking I’m hitting on his wife… uhm I mean big-ass Texan… uhm, I mean…*

    *aw fuck*

  10. OMG ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you think would be taking the “leg shots” for you honey… are safe……LOL however I have no doubt you’ll give him a great laugh over this one ~ he knows I’m the flirt and poor man puts up with it……*innocent smile*

  11. Jamie, I know first hand that your hubby is a bit of a flirt to *s* and you’re hardly ‘innocent’

    -e-, you so rock big guy, I had to shut down when I came here earlier because I almost started bawling like a big baby (and we know the ‘Mighty T’ can’t be doing that!) *g*
    Thank you, for all you’ve said, publicly and private. for your help and shoulder when I needed to borrow it, and for making this ‘mom’s day’ a bit more special for some of us out here.
    (and what the hell)
    hugggggggggsss to ya guy!!

  12. First: lump in throat. Can’t swallow.
    Second: burning eyes, filled to the brim.
    Third: thankgod there’s kleenex on the desk.
    That song will be playing all day long.
    Thank you, Eric. (Kisses to the Mrs., too!)

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