Mountain Laurel Center for the Performing Arts is back, baybee!

State Rep. Kelly Lewis has done it again:
Lewis Announces Mountain Laurel Center Labor Day Concert Series“.

Of course I knew about it. It’s one of many surprises and changes we’ve got coming down the the pike for the ailing entertainment/tourist industry of the Poconos.

A lot of water and bad blood (and wasted money) has gone under the bridge since last year’s historic opening with Tom Ridge, and the disaster it slowly became.

It was run (to the ground) by morons.

It appears the new president, Richard Bryant, has read Bill Watson’s scathing essay, and is now getting the local community involved, making use of all the land with Unity Park (Picnics, vendors & outdoor shows)… and got Kelly Lewis, Jon Jorgenson (you know Jon, he’s hangs out here), Pocono Mountain Vacation bureau Prez Bob Uguccioni, and a whole bunch of others making sure it goes right this time around. Too much has been invested in it to let it fall apart.

Labor Day Festival

Now who want to join me, my guitar (Randi), B.B. King & Lucille on stage?
Or should I hope John Stamos doesn’t SHOW up for the Beach Boys SHOW so I can play Uncle Jesse and jam with them through “Kokomo”? :0)

Well, there’s also the Blue Öyster Cult and the Country Legends Summit Festival, if that’s your thing…


(It’s good to be a part of the media sometimes. And have most of your family back working at Mt. Laurel helps too.)

3 thoughts on “Mountain Laurel Center for the Performing Arts is back, baybee!

  1. Good for you!! Have a blast! Hell, yea, BB King, baybee! And B.O.C… shit, sounds awesome to me! We have something in New Orleans called the Jazz Fest so I know just how kewl this kind of thing can be! Post pictures if you make it on stage! :o)

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