Movie Revue

Harry Potter – Fucking awesome. Better than the first (which was pretty damn good too.)

To the old bitches that kept “shusshing me” as I tried to tell friend something a few rows down, and the people that had a problem with my smoking:
Fuck You!
How rude can people get????

6 thoughts on “Movie Revue

  1. You’re gonna love it, then.
    Great special effects and an even better plot twist too.
    Do you want to hear it? People were getting pissy when I was talking about it in the movie theater too… what is wrong with people???? They almost messed up my theater experience. ;0)

  2. I haven’t seen the first one, and I haven’t read any of the books. Will I be completely confused (other than normal, that is) if I see this one without seeing the first?

  3. Probably, there’s a lot of references to the first one in it.
    Like you, I never read any of the books… so I would have been seriously lost without the first movie.

  4. Nah… I was making that up, Liz.
    But I gotta tell you they either have to make movies shorter or sell “The Patch” by the popcorn stand if they want me to see more than two movies a year….

    Cuz this chainsmoking ’till you’re dizzy at the ticket booth ain’t working….
    “no you can”t use the bathroom on the way out, dammit! I gotta SMOKE!!!!!”

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