Mutilated by her husband

oh. my. God.
(Don’t click that link if you have a weak stomach.)

“Holding her captive, Iqbal accused Parveen of having an affair. Parveen insisted that she had never been unfaithful to him, but Iqbal didn’t listen. Instead, he gagged her, bound her feet and hands and hung her upside down from the ceiling. As he beat her with a wooden ax handle, blood began to drip from her arms and legs….”

“Then Iqbal, a barber by profession, traded his ax for a razor. He cut off the lower lobes of her ears, then sliced her nose at the base. ‘He next used a metal rod to poke out my eyes,’ she continues, ‘and then put his finger inside each socket to make sure nothing was left.’… “

She had her eyes gouged out, the base of her nose and her earlobes cut off… all because her husband accused her of having an affair, to which he did he never provided a shred of evidence.

It’s called “Honor Killings” or “Honor Violence”. An all too common practice in places like Pakistan. It mainly goes unreported, and the offenders are rarely punished.

In the case of what Mehmood Iqbal did to his wife, he was given 14 years… which is considered a “life sentence”. Amnesty International was surprised he was even convicted.

“Though Parveen [the wife who was mutilated] rarely ventured outside, when she did, she often overheard people wondering aloud what she had done to deserve the way she looked.”

As always, it’s “what did the victim do to deserve this”… right?
Somebody tell me what century are we living in again?
(Via Rachel Lucas)

18 thoughts on “Mutilated by her husband

  1. So apparently it was too difficult to find something happy to post about?
    This is truly grim and horrific.
    So I read that and say er, welcome back?

  2. You know me, start things with a “BANG”.

    This thing just makes my blood boil… I meet so many guys like that, biggest wimps in the world… but then they’ll go home to beat their wives when they have a bad day.

    And thanks. :0)

  3. I read about that. Truly horrible. And no, definitely don’t click on the link if you have a weak stomach. Oy.

    *goes to check that her Amnesty International membership is up-to-date*

  4. This story makes me totally sick too, but you are right E. More people need to be aware that it goes on. So many don’t know about these atrocities. I know because we lived in Iran when I was a child. My parents saw girl babies killed and mutilated in public because they dishonored their families by not being born boys. It’s sick, but it’s true. :o(

  5. That really did just tear my heart out.How could someone be as cruel as he was ? My heart really does go out to her.I really do hope that he is died now !!

  6. Allow me to point out that in NS7 your style sheet isn’t working and thus the background is white and the text black.

    If one of your crazed groupies blows up my server I will have tto lock you in a room with yourself.

  7. I still have a long way to go here. i need gruesome graphics for the comments section. (I’m going for macabre, yet really, really funny here…)

    No clue why css isn’t working… I suspect the double slashes in “”?

    Killing baby girls in Iran? Damn, that’s f**king sick, Maria! You know, it’s stuff like this that makes me re-thing certain positions… these damn countries resent the U.S. butting into their affairs, yet they continue to act like 3rd century barbarians. I say we *continue* to be nosy.

  8. oh god..I’ve heard of stuff like this, it makes me sick..
    heck I don’t even have a weak stomach and I haven’t clicked the link…

    welcome back (again) to ya guy..missed ya!

  9. Hehe – looks like I could find some more people to help me go to Pakistan and kill this turkey!

    And yes, yes yes – do talk about this stuff. We’ve got to expose barbarians as barbarians.

  10. “This barbaric behavior happens right here in the good old U. S of A.”

    Are you talking about serial killers? Or wife beaters? This example is extreme, and far more likely in pakistan than the US.

    If you’re going to make such a statement, offer a source or facts please.

  11. BTW, I must agree with Tina.
    In my area, a man cut off a woman’s nipples,and then killed her. I have read of a man splashing his wife’s face with acid because he wanted to leave her for another women. A woman’s child being cut out in utero, etc.
    We can go on and on about this stuff. Yoko Ono said it very well (And I am not necessarily a fan of hers):
    “Women is n

  12. Here you go, James – Yes. It *IS* alive and well in the U.S.A.

    And, well, need I pull up any sites with pictures of what Nicole Brown Simpson looked like at the crime scene in 1994? They were quite gruesome as she was practically decapitated.

  13. And you know, I’m with you on the yes, we need to know this stuff happens. I’m just not able to read it right now, you know? NOT to say that it shouldn’t be discussed or that horrors like this shouldn’t be shoved in everyone’s face so we won’t forget and so we will all see it stopped somehow – but you know, I’m a wimp. I can’t let myself read too much of this kinda thing. I already read enough horrorshow stuff in the news. And I do cry over it. I’m never going to be immune. So I have to stop myself every now and then and say no, no more news right now.

    Too much and it makes me hate the entire human race and lose all hope.

    I’d really hate to lose ALL hope.

  14. Too much and it makes me hate the entire human race and lose all hope.

    Batty, darling, little sister I never had…
    Mankind is capable of both benevolence and pure, unbridled evil.

    It’s all up to us.
    And that’s where the hope is….
    Something I had to learn a long time ago. The hard way.

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