My Gerbil is Hitler!

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”
Godwin’s Law

First there was the “Bush = Hitler” protest signs, long before that was the clever knickname for Senator Clinton (“Hitlery”), and now everyone from Pat Robertson to Sen. Santorum is comparing the fillibustering Democrats to the Nazis…

Like Anton LaVey says in his books, “Simply put: Good is what you like. Evil is what you don’t like”.

Everyone is Hitler these days. That teacher who gave your child detention is Hitler, those spammers putting comments in your blog is Hitler… hell, that little bastard paperboy who keeps tossing your newspaper in puddles has GOT to be Hitler, right? Who else would do such a thing?

You’re all wrong.

You know who IS Hitler?
My gerbil. I have proof.

Sure. Look at him innocently running on his wheel, nibbling on his water bottle. I know he’s secretly plotting world domination and exterminating 55 million people.

You aren’t fooling anyone, fucker.

4 thoughts on “My Gerbil is Hitler!

  1. You have to watch out for those cute little critters. Some of them ARE evil. I’d feed that good for nothing gerbil to the neighborhood cat.

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