My Little Princess

Erika and me at 5 weeks old.You know I never believed in love at first sight
Until the day I first held you in my arms
Through the lightning storms I’d come to you
And I’d hold you tight
I vowed to keep you safe from any harm

And with a paper crown, you blew out your first candle
Such a lovely girl so different from the rest
And on that day I prayed you would always stay
My little princess…

I wrote that song when you were six months old, Erika. It was a rough and scary time for all of us as things were touch & go with you. A dumbass babysitter decided to give you a bath and left you in a room with a window open as your mom and I went out for dinner on a cold February night. We spent Valentine’s day in Schneider’s Children’s Hospital, after your tiny little heart and lungs were failing on you from pneumonia.

They weren’t sure you were going to make it, and we never celebrated Valentine’s Day again.

But you’re a fighter, aren’t you? 🙂

Erika at age 8The song was about a father looking back as his little girl grew up before his eyes, and walking her down the aisle on her wedding day. I refused to accept losing you either. Of course you weren’t too crazy about the song I wrote. You preferred me singing the Barney “I Love You” song on all those sleepless nights we spent together feeding you a bottle, instead. 🙂

Erika at 5. The three E.B.'s on the site.

At five you pushed for your own website, by six I had you modeling for a kid’s furniture website.
Today, you’ve officially become a teenager. Not a trace of asthma, no nebulizer for years now. Perfectly normal and healthy as can be.

I couldn’t be any more proud of you if I tried, sweetie. And I can’t picture my world without you.

Erika today

Happy Birthday, Rikki.
Love, Daddy.

10 thoughts on “My Little Princess

  1. Yeah, I’d say that pretty much ended our friendship with the babysitter. (Believe it or not, this wasn’t some 15 year old kid, she was a mother of 2).

  2. Dude, all other stuff aside, that was excellent. After seeing my wife wind up in the emergency room 10 days ago with respiratory failure, I know what it means to see a loved one gasping for breath. The world needs more dads like you, bro – guys who can take charge of raising kids under difficult circumstances AND write songs about it as well.

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