My nomination for “Best Post Ever”

Why are Americans so Stupid?

It’s harsh. It’s heated… for a guy like me that psychoanalyzes people for a hobby, it’s a smorgasboard of various viewpoints and cultural mindsets.

I know, I know… we Americans don’t like criticism FROM outside parties, and it’s bound to piss you off. But I implore you to take a deeper look inside the comments. It delves INTO the various mentalities of Americans, Europeans, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Atheists…

You can write a thesis based on this thread.

I love Les’ site… he and his guests always pull off an amazing blend of intellectual discussion in his threads.

One thought on “My nomination for “Best Post Ever”

  1. I don’t think people honestly want to know what the other side is thinking. They just want them to shut the hell up and think like they do. And that goes for everyone.

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