My, that’s an impressive erection in Rockefeller Center, if I do say so myself.

We’re all watching the Christmas Tree lighting on TV at this moment, waiting for my son’s godmother’s son to perform (He’s staying at his mom’s house in Maspeth this week… I’ll sell any Brian Setzer fans her phone number for the low, low price of $50 each. Sure I’ll hear about it later FROM my in-laws, but hey… a buck is a buck.)

Moreso, we just saw on tv that the tree is FROM our own Mr. Rizzo

Quite the mogul here in Anarchtica, owner of our community, partner in Tom Ridge’s parting legacy for Pennsylfuckingtucky: The Mountain Laurel Arts Center, and unveiling plans for an even bigger community.

Imagine the effects of some power-hungry despot forming an unholy alliance, in my quest to make Anarchtica the SIXTH borough of New York City?

Just a polite reminder to the gentile citizens of CyberTown…

Thanks for your time. :0)

5 thoughts on “My, that’s an impressive erection in Rockefeller Center, if I do say so myself.

  1. I’ve got 50 bucks!!! I saw the Stray Cats in concert in 1981, and they fantastic!!!! I thought they had more talent than 99.9% of the bands then, and now! Brian rawks!! :o)

  2. ‘… my son’s godmother’s son …’

    I believe that makes them Godcousins, but don’t quote me.

    Or do quote me, but make it seem like I’m really smart and that I say it on good authority.

  3. I’ve always said that people who use the (not)word “Pennsyltucky” ought to be forced to go live in Kentucky for a year, and then Alabama for 2 years.

  4. One day (1994) I take out the garbage… and across the street Brian’s playing handball and people are driving down the street and damn near causing pileups. Sure I used to shovel his mom’s sidewalk, and run errands for his aunt & grandmother. So even hough her name was “Setzer” (now “Hardy”, because she’s remarried)… I always thought the Stray Cats were English… so I never made the connection.

    This is the same block where a nubile, 19 year old neighbor decided she was going to sunbathe on the sidewalk for all us guys as a “Father’s Day” gift.

    Gawd that block was magic.

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