Praying for Jude and Christopher Scott Hamilton

My first radio show! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

Due to my newfound addiction to The Mobsters Game, I now find myself with a slew of half-done blogs, a ton of unanswered email, and answering profile and blog comments? FUHGHETTABOUTIT!!!!

So I want to compress my thoughts as quick as possible…

UPDATE: Eric finally answers Jude & friends and their LIES
Well, in light of recent events, it looks like I stepped in it again and fell for someone’s emotional soap opera… Not only did she railroad Christopher Scott Hamilton, me, Kelly and a few others… it seems she has a track record of getting her readers to turn on anyone she has an axe to grind.

Praying for JudeOur very own Jude, a very popular and beloved member of our blogging community, has been fighting for her life in the hospital. All the while as she has been giving, caring for others, and putting the spotlight on musicians, bloggers and American heroes that gave their all… she’s been keeping the fact that she’s had a brain tumor all along. The outpouring of love and prayers for her has resulted in something I can only describe as MIRACULOUS. She’s out of her coma, but she isn’t out of the woods yet. Keep the prayers and positive energy flowing.

UPDATE: (See update above).
CSH was right after all… but yanno, next time you’re being railroaded by a fruitcake, write people with “Hey, you got me all wrong. Here’s my side of the story, instead of a childish dig at me dude. I still think you’re a dick though.

An Open Apology to Christopher Scott Hamilton – Speaking of Jude, a musician that she has adored and plugged for over a year has suddenly developed amnesia when Jude’s daughter asked for him to send a message to her mom while she was in a coma. She said “it would be like an awakening kiss from Prince Charming”.Well “Prince Charming” had this to say:

“I know.I’m getting 5-6 emials a day about her”
“Jude has a ton of websites.Makes one wonder about menatl problems.”
“In order for me to maintain my music and the people I do have that are straight up without a single doubt…I have to turn away from all this strange thing of fake profiles and hiding.”
Christopher Scott Hamilton

Wow… is this illiterate Bo Bice wannabe SERIOUS?
Having a ton of websites means you have mental problems?

Most recording artists, no matter HOW stoned out, egotistical, or whatever major assholes they are… they KNOW they have to treat their fans like gold. This guy can’t do something nice for his one and only fan? THAT’S FUCKED UP!

Good luck trying to get a signed recording deal with THAT attitude, buddy!

However… being the bigger person, I offered an open apology to him.

Dear Mr. Hamilton:
I am SO SORRY that I was only able to nominate you as Biggest Asshole in this contest.

Unfortunately you didn’t fit the criteria of the other two categories.

Maybe next year?

The news of this jackass was unfortunately eclipsed by the Clark & Bad Lisa Show, Surprise!!!, and The 3 Amigas all being shut down and their owners banned at the whining and tattle-tale-ing of a certain Super MySpace god…….And aren’t we ALL just tired of talking about THAT over-rated blubbering gasbag yet?

Speaking of OZ’s Asshole Contest and gasbags – Internet Hef® had another one of his uhhh… “off-color” outbursts just in time to recieve a TON of nominations. He was doing so good holding in his need to spew the “N-Word” all over his blogs and comments that the poor thing finally burst after two months.

This led to Kelly’s hilarious “How To Make Friends With A Pompous Bigot

Which then I was supposed to follow up with a blog which offered a solution to ending racial tension on MySpace once and for all… the new “WHITES ONLY!’ Privacy Feature….

After all, if someone blogs in the wilderness, and no one is there to be offended… is it still racist?

Seriously though. White people need to lighten up (HA! I just slay me sometimes!). Nothing amuses me more than the old “I’m not racist, I have Black friends” defense.

That’s kind of like saying someone is incapable of rape because they have female friends, isn’t it?

Are you DOWN with THE REVOLUTION? – Another half-aborted blog I have is the announcement that I am working on a music video featuring YOU and The Almighty OZ… in case you’re all wondering why I’ve been in your photo sections and downloading your pics (ok, well maybe that’s the OTHER reason I was in there…)

Well, I think I’ve kept you long enough…..

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