MySpace is down

HAW! HAW! What else is new?
There was a power outage in L.A. on Saturday, they’ve been under constant malicious hacker attacks (one which Tom urged everyone to upgrade their Flash Player.)

Shit happens. I’ve had sites down for days. It gets ugly! But there’s nothing you can do about it. If you ask me, they wont be back for a few days (if anything, expect intermittent service)…

So me? The opportunistic bastard that I am… I’ve decided that I am taking advantage of Technorati’s 2nd biggest search query to say one simple thing….


  • We’re safer
  • People will actually read your posts
  • We find, weed out the creeps and toss them out the door!
  • We’re run on “Pure Imagination”, we’re not into that “reality” bullshit.
  • Got a blog? A project? We’ll SHOWCASE it!
  • We’re FUN!!! And we got an arcade with 300 games!
  • God… don’t go back to your shitty LiveJournals… PLEASE!
    All the cool kids are at Problem Adults right now….

    Problem Adults.Com: Better Living Through Hedonism

    PS: Comments are off until I get control of this site back from comment spammers… you wouldn’t believe the crap I’ve been getting hit with here, my guestbooks, and even my contact forms! Jerkoffs!
    Die, Comment Spammers, Die!

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