New Elitist bastard on the block…

Of course I expect 100% of the credit for Mike (aka Cooties) making his meteoric rise to the top of Blogdex yesterday.

Surely the million billion tens of thousands twelve people that visit me every day saw the link, and added it to their site for this surprising last-minute miracle….

Of course, success hasn’t spoiled our humble little Mr. Brown, whose credits to our community include creating the Z-List Blog & ZForum, creating chatrooms (BatChat, Faith’s Chat, etc…), The Pepys Project, and Fun with FormMail abuse….

We caught up with the oh-so-humble Cooties at his home in Canada. It appeared like they were moving as there was boxes being packed, and what looked like a mortgage note to a home in Bel Air, California on the kitchen counter (Hyperwife immediately whisked it away to keep me from asking any questions.). It was hard to squeeze in a few questions as he was yelling at his (obviously new) maid for not bringing *his brand* of cuban cigars along with his brandy…. but I tried:

Me: “So, Mike, have you kept in touch with the old gang from the Z-List? You know, Hoopty, Tina, Linkmeister….?”

Cooties: (blows smoke rings) “Who?”

Me: “Do you feel this sudden surge of success will change you and your family?”

Cooties: “Hey kid, do you *KNOW* who I am? I’m Mike Fucking Brown, okay? I can make you dissappear with a phone call. Is this shit gonna take much long longer? I’m golfing with Chretien in an hour….”

I thanked him for his time. HyperWife handed me an 8×10 autographed glossy photo of Cooties with a press kit on the way out, where she kindly asked me to be careful of the helicopter landing on the lawn, taking Cooties to the golf course in Montreal with the Canadian Prime Minister….

Congrats, Mike! :0)

you prick.

4 thoughts on “New Elitist bastard on the block…

  1. Naa, that’s not Mike. It’s like the Inquirer .. it’s all airbrushed. Mike would never forget the little people…

    Speaking of little people, -e-, I’m new around here .. who’s the puppet man and the manchild he’s embracing over there around the demonsthingies?

  2. Maria: That’s okay, I did the link… and he’s forgotten about me already.

    Deborah: Mike thinks we’re scum…. pass it on. :0) (We’re only clowning around people! I’m bucking for a litlle friendly flame war now that he’s popular…)

    Sherri: You would have had to have known me for a few years… basically I blog in “metaphors” these days (I may make this a separate post to explain it all…)

    Once upon a time, I had a fancy ol’ dot com address, I named my whole little world “CyberTown”… tons of downloads real successful site. That little guy there in the blue zorro outfit was my mascot “CyberPal”.

    Due to personal problems this time last October, I flipped out, tore it all down, put up a blog called “Enemy of the State”, lots of whining about my problems (very therapeutic) my CyberPal mascot becomes this masked avenger for justice.

    In July of this year, I was hit with court orders to remove certain content… it was easier to just tear it all down and start again. (I just don’t have the time now…)

    So “A N A R C H T I C A” is the sequel to “Enemy of the State”… it picks up with Cybertown being decimated and overrun by Astaroth and his demonic forces.

    (The picture you’re talking about is a couple embracing themselves before the nuclear explosions turn them into skeletons…)

    No hope, and the only way out is by way of a body bag.
    Happy, chipper stuff, y’know?…. :0)

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