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Lookie, lookie, lookie!!!! I beat The Mighty T to a test!!!!
I was hoping to be the DEATH card, but ok...HERMIT “the meditator, philosopher, sage, wise man”
You can not and will not compromise your values and have a desire to complete past things before beginning the new (you value completion, perfection, and introspection highly). You are a natural way-shower, sage, and seeker. You have an appreciation of the body and the wisdom of the earth and its natural process. You have a deep love for beauty, harmony, and order.

which major arcana of the thoth tarot deck are you? short, with pictures and detailed results
brought to you by Quizilla (via The Bitch)

If you’re not reading Fanatical Apathy, you’re an idiot. He’s funny as hell. Adam’s a former writer for The Daily Show and now he just got a Head Writer gig for a new TV show. I wish him the best. His political satire is priceless.

Happy Anniversary Osama bin Forgotten!
I took my Osama Clock down a few weeks ago out of disgust. Assuming he ever is captured or killed any time FROM now until election day, I’d rule it as something that should have been a priority long before going after any other scumbags and it’s just re-election theatrics at this point.

Wulfgar reminds me that it’s been over 1,000 days since Bush’s pledge to bring him to justice. An interesting list of quotes collected by Buzzflash just astounds me at how the man who started the “War on Terror” with us stopped being important to Bush in no time flat.

He’s now had three years to plot and finance the sequel to 9/11, and I’d love to see how the knuckledragging Bush apologists try and spin it away if (God forbid) it happens again.

Let’s put it in milder terms that even a moron can understand…
When you get a shutoff notice for your electric, and you spend all your time and energy paying your cable bill…

… don’t be surprised when your tv set doesn’t work in the dark.
It’s a question of priorities, isn’t it?

(Yeah, call me a “lefty”, “Un-American” and a “traitor”… I’ve heard it all before asshole.
Ad-Hominem attacks are SO 2002.)

Pedophiles of the world: Rejoice! Yes the Olsen Twins turned 18.

I dunno what some twisted folks are all excited about (considering I’ve been hearing pervs in newsgroups and message boards go on about them for years.). Unlike Hillary Duff and Britney Spears, the Olsen twins didn’t hit the scene as “pre-packaged lolitas” to run a countdown until they stopped being jailbait.

Ok. Let’s put it to you this way. Next time some nasty-assed, middle-aged old man with a hairy back starts hankering to be a part of a Mary Kate and Ashley sandwich… may this image burn their eyeballs out:

Awwww... lookit little Michelle!
You’re welcome, you nasty bastard.On the other hand Lindsay Lohan turns 18 in just two weeks.
Hey, I’m just saying, that’s all.

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