Newsletter is out the door!

The latest WHUZZUPDATE!, “Dwarf tossing INTO the 23rd Century” has left the building (yeah, I know I said Monday, so sue me!). If you didn’t get one in your inbox, let me know.

Congratulations to Ren and Alwin for winning the “Name the Newsletter Title” contest! Tell them what they won, Randi….

My New Book They both receive an autographed copy of Eric’s latest book “Like Morton Downey Jr. (Except I’m still alive)“, some slightly-used cans of Turtle wax…. and best of all:


Thaaaat’s right! These two lucky devils will get phone calls FROM me at all weird hours of the night, where they get to hear me talk about my problems for hours and hours and hours… They get to loan me large sums of money (which I *tell* them I intend to pay it all back, but get real, ok? Real friends don’t expect their life savings returned to them.), AAAAND I get to spend my next vacation crashing at their houses TOTALLY UN-ANNOUNCED.

Don’t guys feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Fear not, fair citizens of CyberTown… there’s still a chance that YOU may be a winner! There were so many great entries, that I think we should add them, and a few new ones, and let you guys vote for the title of August’s newsletter. You can cook me dinner!

How do you like THEM apples?

6 thoughts on “Newsletter is out the door!

  1. I knew I’d getcha with that classic Croce. Dude, you are so ’70’s!

    (I’d write more but I have to get my application to be the next victi- errr. guest on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

  2. I knew I’d getcha with that classic Croce. Dude, you are so ’70’s!
    *looks down at my polyester suit*
    Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  3. well darn, and my f**kin server is down, so I can’t read it yet *wahhhhh*
    if this keeps up, I might have to actually walk away FROM the computer and do something productive 🙁

  4. Dwarf tossing! That reminds me of a recent incident in my home town. It made the national papers (including those in the U.S.) Here’s the local story…

    Anti-Dwarf tossing bill introduced

  5. Oh jeez… the politically-correct strike again! And will these people hire “little people”, so they can feed their families?

    I remember L.A. Law did an episode on that once.

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