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Please don’t sit on our furniture!
Strom Thumond Jr. has to face the horrifying prospect of welcoming a half-sister (half-negro) INTO the Thurmond household, Daddy Strom gladly sets the record straight.

There have been no reports of Bill Clinton HAVING a half-brother (half redneck) coming out of the woodwork lately… but when there are we’ll DEFINITELY keep you posted!

Mohammed Atta/Saddam/John Hinkley Jr. link
The Mohammed Atta/Saddam link printed in the Telegraph is most likely a forgery.

But not to worry, Warbloggers like HipperCritical have already vowed to never let trivial things like the “facts” get in the way of a good rant.
Update: 9:41PM – LOL! You know, it’s bad enough when someone makes a fool of themselves, but nothing makes me lose respect faster than a man who can’t stand by his own words… it appears “wussy-boy” re-wrote his post to appear more cautious when he was called on his bullshit.

Too bad I have a screenshot of the original post.

“Let the groveling begin…” hahaha!!!! Yeah right, WIMP!

Update: 12/19 8:45PM – Glenn’s a nice guy, and I’m just HAVING fun with him. Go visit HipperCritical.

8 thoughts on “Newz Breefz

  1. oh i see. this was added:

    Second Update: On Monday night’s Batchelor & Alexander show, John Loftus reported that Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti, the former head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, may be angling for a deal with the Coalition forces. In exchange for immunity, Habbush will turn over his treasure chest of intelligence documents and testify against Saddam in a future trial. Habbush is the author of the memo revealed by The Telegraph in which he reports to Saddam on a ‘three-day “work programme” Atta had undertaken at Abu Nidal’s base in Baghdad’. It’s certainly not a certainty, so stay tuned…


  2. *sigh*
    Glenn, babe…
    What am I going to do with you, huh?

    Most (normal) people get linked, and stop by the site and goes “hey, thanks for the link!”

    You come here an call me names. How rude!
    I warned you it might be propaganda, do you thank me for my clever insights? No.

    You had more than what’s up there to cover yourself, and you took it down. I busted you once, so what do I have to prove by busting you again…

    It seems the only thing we can agree on is that you’re a coward and I’m a bitch.

    Thanks for playing.

    (note: he’s a last-word-freak who has been stopping by all day to see my responses, so I should expect a new response FROM “Cap’n Clever” here in… 5…4…3..2..)

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