Newz Briefs (or Newz Boxers, take your pick)

  • LinkWorthy has moved INTO the 21st Century – Thaaaat’s right. John has set up a BBS Forum for people to discuss issues, and comment on his latest parody of Robert Palmer and other posts.Plus we can bitch endlessly about Lil’ Miss Know-it-all. It don’t get no better than that.
  • I think it’s a smarter move, as I am seriously debating taking comments off this page (I like the input, and I love hearing FROM people here, but this is SO short-term. Plus people feel obligated to “check in”, and they feel there is a time LIMIT on when they can share their thoughts. It’s not fair to you.).

    In learning FROM my past mistakes, my zeal in promoting the hell out of something good, to the point where it looks like I’m taking over, I’m simply going to point my finger in that direction and say LOOKIE! Go support a brother….

    There. I’m done.

  • Maddox is a mad freakin genius – Between “Would you like to bomb Iran?” and “Nullify the vegetarian moral crusade”…Perhaps Maddox does indeed have The Best Page in the Universe.
    (Hey, I’m partial to rants. Sue me.)
  • EricBrooks.Com® – Say it with me, people: “It was all about the Miiiiiimes!” (via Robert Fisk, The Independent)

    10 thoughts on “Newz Briefs (or Newz Boxers, take your pick)

    1. ok, can I go on record as stating I hate it when people remove comments FROM their sites.
      I’ve also never felt the need to “check in”, I stalk you because I enjoy reading what you have to say *g*

    2. So it wouldn’t be a great loss if I went back to HTML? With my MT problems I am failing to see the value added of getting some 12 year old wanker’s opinions.

    3. If it’s giving you that much shit… yeah, I guess. I still have friends FROM the Old Skewl who does their pages in HTML and uploads them.

      You can get a comment system which applies a Javascript Code at HaloScan or YACCS

      Back in early 1999, I was using a modified version of Matt Wright’s Guestbook script in case I wanted to post an entry out of town.

    4. Don’t take away comments!!! BAH! Besides, my experience running one of those message boards is that they fizzle pretty quickly. Remember the Flame Emporium? No? Neither does anyone else. 😉

    5. I need all the help I can get to purge the world of the idea of weblogging. Quixotic, perhaps, but it’s for the good all. Unshackle yourself website FROM the rules they have tried to bind your website in so we can one day join hands and sing, “Free at last, free at Last…” or something like that.

      I must pimp out my favorite text editor and the only tool I use as ones of Eric’s old scewl friends.

      and it’s careware, which is a cool concept too.

    6. Awwww,I don’t want you to take your comments away 🙁 If you take your comments away,then you won’t be able to read my silly little sayings 😛

    7. You know, threatening to remove comments is SO last year! Ho hum… blase-ville. I mean really, -e-, why don’t you try something new? Like threatening to pierce your scrotum and post the pictures. Oh wait – you probably did that already, too…

      Besides, all of your beloved trolls will see it as a victory, and we can’t have that!

    8. Congratulations to John for the message board, even though I still haven’t figured out how to use the damn thing.
      Eric, please don’t take down the comments, esp. since yaccs and haloscan quit taking new clients last year sometime.
      And I pick…..Newz Boxers.

    9. Boxers thank you.

      If it wasn’t for comments I would have stopped blogging ages ago. I hate it when I put up a post and chack in later to get ‘0’ comments.

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