Newz Briefs…

Couple of quick announcements…

  • A new post at East Coast Bloggers.
    Yes… we are all STILL getting together. My apologies for the lack of updates, but I have a life, but there really isn’t much new to report. What’s going to happen will hinge a lot on who’s coming and when. I will be putting up a slideshow with a tour of Stroudsburg (and yes, it includes Frazetta’s House Of Horrors). The hype goes INTO full swing in February…

    • The Zoo comes to Anarchtica.
      New Yorkers (like me) are rejoicing as Max 106.3 is becoming Z-100… WOO HOO!!! That’s NOT to say that Max isn’t awesome, but I miss the Z Morning Zoo.And I will also miss DJ Chaz Henderson, who has moved on to bigger & better places. He was a good friend to me, and my other site, and plugged it on Max 106.3 many times.
  • More popular than Jesus Christ (and Don Ho).
    Experiment #626Johnny Kai reports that 25,000 people (?) showed up and voted at The Hawaii Music Awards this week. Blowing last year away. This is largely due to GREAT friends who spread the word online. (Steve and Ali… you TROOLY rock my world!) Any one else who was a part of this, please let me know. MAHALO!!!Johnny will be back here in the Spring, and anyone wants to come here and CHECK out his Hawaiian SHOW at the resort over the summer, let me know… this dude is awesome.
    • Am I to understand there’s a new celebrity in CyberTown for me to kick around?
      There is no way in hell that I believe this is the *REAL* Dave Barry. On BLOGSPOT? Give me a break. More like the return of KayCee’s mom?I would well imagine that Dave Barry would write posts of epic Ezrael-like proportions, and he’d have something more profound to say than “The Dixie Chicks kick ass” (Fuckable? Yes. Ass kicking? I dunno. I don’t listen to Country Music. Slide guitars and banjos make me queasy unless it’s done by The Eagles.).

      I would love nothing more than to test my mettle by engaging in a battle of wits with the REAL Dave Barry, but I refuse to believe this clown is him. I have the feeling that someone is pulling my third leg, which makes me want to hurt this guy even more.

    138 thoughts on “Newz Briefs…

    1. I don’t listen to Country Music. Slide guitars and banjos make me queasy unless it’s done by The Eagles).

      Ahhhh….. soooo true!!!! I really hate the way the Dixie Chicks tore the hell out of Stevie Nicks’ song Landslide too. It bothers me. People are saying, “Did you hear the cool new song by the Dixie Chicks?” I’m like Nooooooo, that’s the COOL OLD SONG by Fleetwood Mac!!! ARGH!!! ;op

    2. I will have to support Aaron against my own will, cause as it was pointed out that everyone on the left side are Pro-Saddam and support terrorists so I suppose I do it too then and we extremists should stick together I guess ;o)
      Otherwise I have no idea who Dave Barry is, but alright, I finally admit it: I don’t know who the Zeldman you keep talking about is either and I have a feeling I should…..

    3. everyone on the left side are Pro-Saddam and support terrorists
      Well, gee… you know how I feel about us attacking Iraq. Maybe I should go buy an SUV and support the terrorists some more. This is why I avoid politics like the plague on this site. :0)

      As far as the far right, and their “agree with us or you’re a moron” stance, maybe they’re going a little too far in the spirit of being funny. That’s when one either has the choice of skipping the post or just removing their link (like I’ve done to many people). Maybe it’s something the “warbloggers” need to think about. Same as I wont comment in your latest American-bashing post that I find extremely offensive. I don’t have to see eye to eye with a friend, and their views… but I can respect what they have to say…

    4. As for my “American-bashing post” as you call it, I don’t mind if people have a totally different opinion than me, as long as we can discuss our different opinions without making a personal bullshitmess out of it. If one get all fucked up and can’t deal with the fact that people have other opinions, then one shouldn’t talk to people, or read blogs. Personally I find all the “warblogging” interesting as I like to see what other people think about the situation.

    5. You know, Americans constantly embarrass me. They get so worked up about some things, and then don’t seem to ask questions about others.

      I just get tired of this whole war hooha – especially anyone who’s staunchly on either side calling the other side “sheep.” I don’t relate with ANY of these people who are on the extremes. There’s too much going on with this whole issue to make any blanket statements. I don’t think anyone could take seriously either extreme:
      1) bombing Iraq will solve everything!
      2) Saddam just needs a hug and we can all be friends!

      I read bloggers who seem to want to focus more on “the other side who says this is wrong/stupid/etc.” instead of really trying to pick appart the issue. Oh but that’s silly – I forget – blogs are about ranting, not about trying to figure out what’s actually happening or possible solutions, or debate amongst people who can politely disagree. Perhaps it’s just because I know how to politely disagree, yet continue a conversation with someone. But hey, it’s part of my job. I don’t expect my students to be sheep.

      I really haven’t wanted to blog about all that, and darnit, now I think I have to. Bleh. Maybe later. Or maybe I’ll just post entries in Eric’s comments… yeah, that’s it, I’ll just babble on and on and on….

    6. Ok ok, one more thing.
      I don’t let anyone tell me to delink. I don’t delink because someone else says I should, because the linkee asks me to, and I don’t make delinking announcements. I think all of the above are silly. But I’d get really riled up if anyone tried to dictate what I should do in my blog.

      But then, I’m quietly over here in the corner and happy that way. It’s quiet and people wander in and we eat cookies and have boring lil smalltalk. Ah. Very nice.

      Hey – what was that company or site that made such a big stink about a year ago about “no one is allowed to link us” – so immediately everyone did? Do you remember that? Or am I going all senile?

      Yes, I am, it’s early senility, and I’m posting entries in Eric’s comments. Yes, hello everyone, batgrl here, unable to make it back to her own little moveable type kingdom, apparently. This is all Eric’s fault. I’ve obviously stepped in some blog equivalent of flypaper in these comments…

    7. Well…I’ll just avoid the whole Iraq issue…*neatly sidestepping* and focus on the Dave Barry blog.

      Yikes. Please tell me it ain’t really him? He is one of my absolute favorite writers and well…gosh. My blog has more riveting remarks. (And that’s saying a LOT, believe me. *g*)

      If it is him…maybe he’s just getting warmed up? You know…those couple laps around the old proverbial track before doing the sprinting and the racing?


      Oh…and for those of you who don’t know who he is…Dave Barry is a former New Yorker who writes an insanely funny humor column for the Miami Herald newspaper that is nationally syndicated. A TV show was even based on the life he portrayed himself having in his columns called Dave’s World, starring Harry Anderson of Night Court fame.

      His book, A Sort of History of the United States, is, IMHO, one of the funniest books I’ve ever read.

      Oh! I saw him once at a convention. He’s very very short. But looks exactly like his pictures otherwise.

    8. As one of the persons who tend to be extreme and knows it, I agree with Batty. We often focus more on those who disagree with us than finding a solution to the problem itself.

    9. That was the point I was trying to make (that Batty did)… if you don’t like something, skip it! A site annoys the hell out of you, remove the link, and don’t look back. Don’t go into a whole “Delinking ceremony” calling people all sorts of names and issuing threats… unless you want attention.

      My point about your post dearest Nico… it’s the same as well with Michele & Laurence. I enjoy all your sites 99.2% of the time. Sometimes you all annoy the fuck out of me. But there will be no rants, no delinking ceremonies… because you guys are far more than one opnion, rant, or post. Everyone has always respected my take on the situation, and no one has told me, or madde me feel stupid for my thoughts.

      I have the solution to the U.S./Iraq war, but no one will listen to me…

      Give Saddam and Bush a puppy each.

    10. *Joining Susansuth in the Dave Barry Debate*
      Dave Barry: The Year in Review THIS had me laughing my ass off when we ran it in my paper… the dude is HILARIOUS!

      When I first heard from Solonor, my alternate news source that “Dave Barry had a blog”, I assumed it was some guy with the same name, and the starstruck nitwits in blogland were taking this out of proportion.

      Maybe he’s warming up, maybe it’s another guy with the same name that looks just like him, maybe it’s a fraud… but the writing style isn’t even close.

    11. Ugh – you’re happy about getting Z100?? Hope you’re a closet teeny-bopper with a penchant for Eminem, boy bands and Christina Aguilera & Co. I swear the average age of their audience has to be 19. Although the Morning Zoo still has its moments on occasion. I think it used to be a lot funnier. Now they have too many moments where they see how many times they can say “ass” and other borderline [profanity] on the air in a span of 5 minutes to get a rise out of people. And they do. From the 13 year olds. Ahh, the good old days…

    12. Sorry to disappoint all the Dave Barry fans … it really IS him. Here’s his official site & his blog is listed. Hope he IS only just warming up, otherwise makes you wonder if it’s him writing them columns!!

    13. Hope you’re a closet teeny-bopper with a penchant for Eminem
      You weren’t here for my New Year Eve bash, were, you?

      Honey, I am the oldest (& fattest & baldest & homeliest) 13 year old you’ll ever meet. :0)

      Sorry to disappoint all the Dave Barry fans … it really IS him
      YIKES!!! I still don’t get why a guy that makes big bucks to write columns would blog??? And why not get MT or Blogger Pro set up on his official site instead?

      I’ll check on him again in a month… maybe he’ll be better then.

    14. (concerning Nico’s American-bashing post, which I probably do, in some capacity, almost every time these fingers tap keys.)

      For me it’s important to hold the US to a higher standard, because I care about it. It’s harder for me to care about places I’ve never been before-though even a little bit of reading is all I need to fuel empathy. Also, the US is in a position where its actions affect the world more than any other nation. So it’s imperative that we make sure we act in a consistent and logical manner. It’s a symptom of a confessional upbringing, the way we tend to indulge in bad behavior and think that a few charitable donations here or good deeds there are going to make up for it.

      Maybe when laying all the criticism cards out on the table it creates a nauseous negativism from someone short of a nabob, but high on the natter. The answer would seem to be to take small steps, but where do you start?

      When firefighters attack a burning building they don’t pick the biggest plume of plasma and spray. They find the base, the root, of the flame and blast it there. Otherwise you waste a lot of water simply getting the roof wet. The problem is that the closer you get to the source, the hotter it gets. It’s always threatening to blow back in your face.

      I hate to see water wasted when people are thirsty and their homes are burning. We have a lot of water. Unfortunately, I have little say in how it gets distributed, so the frustration builds when I see its misuse. We are keeping the flames from the roof, but the fire is waiting for us deep inside. Su Tzu is a pretty depressing read these days. I don’t have my copy with me, but there’s so much that rings true. We are large and slow and they are small and invisible. They don’t have a body, they have a philosophy. You don’t attack a philosophy with bombs & guns.

      I just picked up on that site recently and it’s like other’s that update so much that I have trouble in spotting indicator posts. They slip under the radar. When I go after someone, I try and inject some humor. After all, I have to have fun doing this. The whole ranting to see your blood pressure rise to the point where an unlucky mosquito would explode as soon as they tap a vein is something I’m trying to wean myself off of. Not watching certain shows or going to certain websites helps. Not caring who links to you helps even more. Striving to be civil…needs to be a mantra. I’m not saying you have to be lovey dovey. You can say "dude, you are full of the cow’s curdled crap" and let the bizarre torture fantasies stay locked up in the dementia domain you call a brain.

      Someday I might reach the point where I can actually get to how I really feel about certain issues without devolving into four-letter word flinging and partisan pot shots.

    15. “And why not get MT or Blogger Pro set up on his official site instead?”

      Blogger Pro? Hell, why not just freakin’ FTP to his own domain?

      Maybe he’s unable…

    16. “You can say ‘dude, you are full of the cow’s curdled crap’ and let the bizarre torture fantasies stay locked up in the dementia domain you call a brain.”

      HAHAHAHA!!!! Dude, have I remembered to call you a frickin mad genius in the past 24 hours????

      Re: Nico… I will admit I was slightly upset at the time of the post. Please try and skip the harshness. Immediately my reaction was a “defensive one”. Where I wanted to scream “what about that pig fucker in Iraq”???

      It’s really something American’s need to read calmly and with an open mind. This is the all too common European view of America. I can see what set it off… Bush’s over-use of the word “Freedom”.

      The problem is too many people are talking, and no one is listening right now.

      What’s brewing in the backround in cybertown is this new thing where people are being called “traitors”, “morons”, and “unamerican” for thinking war is a bad idea.

      Not only as a web community, or even Americans…
      But as citizens of the world: We need to listen.

    17. You know…I was mulling over some of these things this morning, trying to figure out exactly where I stand on the whole issue of war with Iraq. And I’ve been thinking a lot about the mudslinging and whatever else that’s been going on…a lot of talking and yelling and little else.

      I’ve read some very well thought out opinions on why we should go to war with Iraq (we being Americans…I don’t speak for any other country).

      But for those that disagree that this is a viable option, what is the alternate solution to the problem? I’m not trying to be facetious…I really want to know. Most of what I hear from those opposed to the war with Iraq is a diatribe on the mistakes and failings of the U.S., the American foreign policy, George Bush and Tony Blair.

      What’s another alternative to the problem? Or is the general thinking that there IS no problem and that the U.S. is stirring up trouble over nothing?

      I don’t watch much in the news. I get my blurbs on the internet. But I like to make an honest, good judgment stand on what I believe in by having all the facts in front of me before I commit.

      You all seem like intelligent, well-read people from a gamut of backgrounds…so I’d be curious to see what you thought.

      And -e-…if this ain’t the place for this, you can delete my post. 🙂 I just don’t have the forum available for this type of information gathering. 🙂

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