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  • Happy Birthday Debra Smouse!
  • Sweet Sites: I just added NotSweet.Net and So anyway… to “Related links”.  Taste the chocolatey goodness as Bonni’s page loads!
  • Independent’s Day – The new brainchild of Zeldman & Company launches on the 10th anniversary of the World Wide Web.
  • Regarding the latest fracas over “The Ageless Project“… as I suspected, there was a whole other side of the story.
  • For personal reasons, I’ve made the decision to “tone it down” here and be more positive on my site. I have a more high-profile image due to my current position in the Poconos.For that matter, I’ve recently decided that WHUZZUP! is no longer a weblog. It’s back to being an “Update/What’s New” page. No more wars, no more linking to everyone just for mentioning my name. Deal with it.If that doesn’t work, I can always click on this link to remind me that life’s too short.

5 thoughts on “Newz & Gossip

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, sweetie.

    To be honest, though, I’m a bit disappointed that you are stepping away from this page being a web log – and going only to what’s new. I’ll miss your sense of humor.

    PS like the new feedback layout ;p

  2. Hmmmm… I thought "Moi" was password-protected. Gotta fix that.

    Deb, there won’t be that much of a difference. It’s just going back to it’s roots.

  3. what’s that? your weblog that wasn’t ever really a weblog, that then became a weblog, is no longer going to be a weblog??

    i don’t blame you 😉

  4. Yep… too much of a hassle.
    I wanna be a "mover and shaker" like you when I grow up, Jo!

    I can’t believe Zeldman stole your manuscript for "Taking your talents to the web", and is passing it off as his own. :0)

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