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  • Aaaaaa… SHADDAP!!!! and don’t encourage her! See, while she was busy elsewhere (for like, 10 hours…), Boris & I were on an IRC channel trading hacker software, and we decided to reciprocate links.

    Originally he had written: “Gets Mommy hot & bothered“, but she changed it on him.

  • Take a Video Tour of Reis Home’s model, “The Katie”.
    I know, I know… it’s nowhere near impressive as Coldwell Banker’s”Virtual Open House” (Actually Zeldman & I had a great laugh over that site last year…). I used SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) for the RealVideo Presentation…. I need some input here.
  • Congratz to rock band THEOADORE MUDDFOOT, for making Church Uv Manson’s Band Of The Month… they also have an interview with my CyberPal, Ian Rose.
  • Leader Diva is warning all members that the Bejeweled site is owned by Microsoft, and if they’re caught there, they’ll be kicked out of the Digital Divas….THIS MEANS YOU!!!!
  • For those of you that use “index.html“, “index.php“, or “default.asp” in your URL’s…CAN YOU PLEASE KNOCK IT OFF?!!?!!???
    You look like an IDIOT!
    It’s like giving your address out as: 123 Main Street, FRONT DOOR….
    …like, DUuuuuuuuuuuuUH!!!!!

    You don’t see this address as
    DO YOU??!!??

    Use this: /., this: ../., or this: ../../. to bounce around your directories…
    ‘Cause you’re making me NUTS, and I don’t like you as it is!!!!

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