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  • A big congratz is in order to BOBTHECORGI for hitting the 1,000 visitor mark… in what, a matter of weeks? Holy cow… it took me eight months to do that with my very first site… and that was with me checking on it 20 times a day! (Of course it’s one of those boring stodgy “Let US design your website with our cracksmoking staff”, a la my Schizophenic Website stage… )unlike BOBTHECORGI, which happens to be one of the most entertaining and well-written blogs/journals out there…CONGRATZ BABE!
  • In case you missed it last year: Kare has reprinted her now-classic “Mr. Wonderful” rant… (I’m sure you have an ex or two that this post will strike home with…)
  • Friendly sex advice from Uncle Bob… Green M&M’s don’t work on virgins. Scientists offer no explanations on this as of yet.
  • I’m taking the rest of the summer off… The Tribe called Brooks has a lot of restructuring to do in our lives. Writing to is probably a guarantee that you won’t get a response for a couple of months… you can write me at my top-secret work email (if you know it) for a better shot. I’ll probably post sporadically here, but no promises.


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