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It’s probably too late to mention this, but if you’re planning on coming up for The Pocono 500, don’t bother. It’s raining really bad and everything has been cancelled until probably Monday.

To the NASCAR fans who are already here, I have been asked to kindly remind you to keep your campers, pickup trucks, and motor homes as far off to the side of the road as possible… and please place all of your empty beer cans in the proper receptacles. Don’t think of the rain as an obstacle… but rather as an unexpected opportunity to bathe this week.

Thank you.

  • A happy anniversary today to Rha and Solonor. (no. they are married to different people. Don’t be silly.) Rha has made a fun game at Quizilla for you to play also.
  • Hunting Season: Day Two – *cough*look at the forum*cough*
    You see, when you are up against an opponent who dismisses you rather than addresses the issues, reasoning with them is rather pointless. The winner in this game will not be determined by who’s right, but rather by who gets in the last word, and which one runs away crying like a little bitch. Oh no. This requires a special blend of guerilla warfare not seen since the bloody days of UseNet.

    So please take the following tips FROM your Friendly Neighborhood WarMeisterâ„¢:

    • Be anonymous
    • Get down & dirty (10 extra bonus points for any personal references)
    • Drown the ignorant prick with noise
    • Chaos and confusion reign supreme
    • Tell all your friends

    Kindly read the previous post before giving me your “bad karma” bullshit. The high holy Imam Eric® has declared a Fatwa (holy war), and bad karma will come to those who sit idly by as good people in our community are abused by cruel outsiders.

  • Thank you. Remember to tip your waitress on the way out.

    11 thoughts on “Newz & Gossip

    1. Your little advice to NASCAR fans was one of the funniest things I have read in a while. Might I suggest, to provide additional ORDER to the visitors, that they line up alphabetically by second-middle names. Ties can be broken by the number of unique rungs in their DNA.

    2. Just stirrin’ the pot, Doc.

      “I was just hanging out with your boss. You know, shooting the breeze/shooting the fish”
      -Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon II –

    3. This is too funny! I can only see a few posts on the board, though. Seems TGO’s a little riled up and has shut it down.
      All Hail the God of Mischief!
      Wait a sec. I thought you were the Lord of Misrule?
      So many monikers, so little knees left.
      ==e== tu est tres adorable! Would that I could plant a big sloppy kiss on your cheek.
      I hope you are HAVING a wonderful weekend!

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