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The end of the Z-List? – Mike “cooties” Brown posted his final post on the Z-List blog today. (More on that later… my thoughts on the Z-List ::A lot more positive than you may think:: deserves a separate post.)

PoodleCircus is lonely… go send your love.

Metafocker redesigns – Check our Mr. Larry’s new look. Navy blue and gold, very cool, and very manly. Why don’t *I* think of color combos like that… oh and the arrow buttons sinking when you press them? Tres kewl… I *will* be studying your CSS and sourcecodes for that little secret. :0)

Mozilla 1.0 is out the door! (via Pete) – Don’t want to use Internet Explorer? Well, I’m tired of tweaking sites for flawed browsers like Netscape and Opera…. Download Mozilla 1.0 here. Read the review at CNet. I’ll be taking this baby for a spin later this week.

WASPII: A New Stinger (via Zeldman) – The WebStandards Project has fought valiantly since 1998 to force browsers to comply with the W3C’s Standards in HTML, ECMAscript, XML, RSS, etc. Phase II will focus on education. If you’re serious about web design, and what it takes to produce clean code, that can be enjoyed by all… you really need to be there.

Pirated Sites.Com – Dammit to hell, people! Ripping off a site is *not* cool!!!!

“Originality is the art of hiding your sources.” Yes we all borrow from here and there (that’s how a lot of us *learned* HTML, or at least I did…). I have folders of JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, and SMIL samples from other sites that I save on my hard drive for later dissection…

But SIF Technologies? You are SO BUSTED!!!!

Though you may have hastily redesigned to spare yourself any further embarrassment, hate mail, or any resemblance to EVOLT… however, your stupidity and lack of originality has been immortalized in a screenshot for ALL (your clients?) to see you are a THIEF (and needless to say… finished?).

The Council of WebGods have spoken. May WE have mercy on your soul…
Please leave your hubris by the door. Thank you, and drive carefully.

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