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  • South Park Bloggers – Well, you got the CyberPal, you got Faith, you got Batgrl, you used to have Aaron (but he “accidentally” deleted most of his entries. Uh huh.) and now you got Jon Sullivan.Someone needs to assemble these together and make a gallery, so we can make parody flash movies. (hint. hint.)
  • Top secret project – Kare’s got something coming down the pike… so secret she wont even share with me. But what little I heard, it sounds like a great idea…
  • Nico learns you “can’t please everybody”. Shit. I gave up on that a long time ago.
  • Tammie misses Phil. Everyone goes “Awwwww….”. :0)
  • Tracy – DykeWrite – You have officially been plugged. That will be $50.00 please.
  • Intimate details – BobtheCorgi tells all about Mr. Sami. Film at 11.
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