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  • Whoah… what’s going on here? – Rivervision -vs- Jimformation… I’m afraid to comment much about it except this one is as entertaining as hell! Better go read it before one of them apologizes and takes it down.
  • Last week’s Blog Warz – I really should let this go, but after an amazing barrage of emails with people with their own horror stories of their encounter with “My former blog twin“, few people had the courage to publicly voice an opinion on the matter… so I commend Kare and Simply Lee ( here, here, inital reaction here) for presenting, in my opinion, very well-balanced and courageous viewpoints.I mean… if some people “aren’t allowed to use someone’s site”, or if they reserve a right to reject people based on their “vision” of what the web is… why can’t we express our feelings on our own sites (or password-protected discussion boards) without fear of being menaced? It’s *still* a free country last I checked.
  • Gone Brooklyn – I don’t know why I waited this long, but I added Brooklyn Kid to my list of daily reads (did ya click my Related Links menus yet? Tres Chic, non?)Aside from living right by Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, in Williamsburg, and my new-found home-sickness… Mr. Cosentino is responsible for one of my most favorite fonts… and one of the most popular downloads on this site.

    Someone recently told me I still have a “Brooklyn accent” (I was asked to say “Dawg” three times.). Weird, considering most people thought I was from FL or CA because of my lack of an accent when I lived there for 21 years.

    I do say “Fuck” a lot, don’t I? :0)

  • Just so I’m not the next victim of “Radical Feminism”… I also added Brooklyn Girl. Another great site… and she’s kinda cute for a Bunny Rabbit
  • JEEEEEZUS!!!! Can somebody show Dave Winer how to spell “Transitioning”??!!??
  • “I saw ‘dama B’Laden!!!! I saw ‘dama B’Laden!!!!” – That was 4-year-old Johnny’s reaction as we passed a mosque on Northern Boulevard, coming in to NYC friday night. Not a lot of muslims wearing turbans and long beards in the Poconos… so imagine seeing Assama plastered all over the tv, and then seeing a tall man, with a long beard and turban, enter this mosque. Poor kid. He’s gonna be okay.
  • I am strongly against any violence against Muslims in this country, buuuuut…. how the hell am I supposed to react when I see this fruitcake plastered all over the newsstands???? What part of “Nobody supports the Taliban” didn’t he get? This guy is a BEAT-DOWN waiting to happen.
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