Newz you can uze

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  • Saddam Hussein Killed for 4th Time– U.S.A.! U.S.A.!!! *waves flag*
  • Move over Wil Wheaton! – There’s a new Trekkie on the block: Captain Christopher Pike is now blogging… (actually LiveJournal-ing… to some retards, there’s a difference. I think. via Wacky Iraqi)
  • See Bush’s Erection! – As reported in Fox News, an Iraqi has proposed a giant golden statue in Dubya’s honor for his liberation of the poor, oppressed, and weaponsofmassdestructionless people of Iraq – BushStatue.Org, go on in the guestbook and tell them what a swell idea this is!
  • DaGoddess is lying! Zander is real… ( or, at least that’s what KayCee is telling everyone, as she jumps to his defense…)
  • Anyone who doesn’t wish Deb Smouse a happy birthday tomorrow is a jerk.
    (and Ashley Richards, too, whoever you are)
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    1. where the hell have you been?? Is this site only available weekdays between 9 and 5 or something!! I’ve been trying to get here for at least 3 days!! :op

      Love ya dude!! Glad you’re back! :o)

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