!NIAGA slooF lirpA

Again the High-Holy day of the “Eternal Prankster” is upon us.

If you’re looking at this site in Internet Explorer, you must be going insane right now as the entire site is in mirror reverse (therefore having no idea why we’re all laughing at you right now.) If you’re on Firefox, you’re wondering what the hell is up with the title spelled backwards. Screw you what stroke of brilliance are you showing me for April Fools Day?

In case you’re wondering how this is done, put “filter:fliph;” in your CSS (Preferably in the “p” or “td”) and everything is “flipphed”. It’s an IE-only filter.

Oh NO! It looks like Problem Adults was hacked too! WTF????
And EW! That design is… well… WTF???? ~T~ and I have a reputation as designers to worry about!

Have a good one, you guys!!!!!

2 thoughts on “!NIAGA slooF lirpA

  1. That was pretty rad! I keep IE around for the few things I need to do that require it, so thanks for the entertainment! 🙂

    But, man, tha hack at PA…ow my eyes!

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