No, Dennis you really aren’t that funny anymore..

And you really didn’t do that great a 6 minutes on the morning show.
And I don’t say that out of hatefulness. Or because I lean to the left and you’ve obviously swung so hard to the right you’re walking in circles with a stiff knee.

Nobody was a bigger fan of the acidic Mr. Miller back in the day I assure you!

I remember howling in laugher at the NEWS or whatever else he would sardonically toss of without too much effort.

But as of late he really doesn’t seem as funny to me (and believe me that’s not because there isn’t plenty of funny democrat stuff out in the world.) He just doesn’t seem as observant as he used to be.

Used to be he cracked on everybody just the same. Sort of in the vein of Jon Stewart or Bill Mahr. Now he seems to just see things as he’d like to and nothing more. Gone is nuance. Gone is levity.

During his interview Friday morning he took every opportunity to crack on the Democrats, stating how they have been slinging mud up till the convention. But didn’t even seem to realize (or care that) the Republicans have too.

I had no idea the guy was so partisan.

Maybe this was a purposeful move? Maybe he intended to move out of comedy and INTO talk SHOW political punditry.

It’s kind of a shame though, as the Daily SHOW proves you can be equal in your criticism and still side splittingly funny.

I wonder what he was thinking?

Or maybe its just my imagination..

5 thoughts on “No, Dennis you really aren’t that funny anymore..

  1. Really? I never thought Dennis Miller was funny. It was about the time Saturday Night Live lost me. (Chevy Chase was hilarious in “Weekend Update”, so was Eddie Murphy and Kevin Nealon.)

    Comedy is all about pointing out the glaring ironies of something (Will Rogers and Mark Twain were masters of political humor)… when you have a vested interest and a glaring hatred for the other side* the punchline gets lost in all the anger.

    * That goes for the left too.

    How Ironic that The Daily SHOW is up for “Best News” awards… just shows you how bad all the network news is.

  2. Hey, -e-, there’s a story in the 8/4 NYT about massive foreclosures in your neighborhood. Your paper doing this up big? (See the NY Region section).

  3. Ohhhhhhh you betcha, linky!, and it seems our old buddy Gene “Y-Rent” Percudani is in the thick of it… (wonder if he’s gonna try and sue the paper or the site again.). They want that dude locked up. Lotsa fun here.

  4. I do think Dennis Miller isn’t as good as he used to be…he’s changed in his old age I suppose….I never could get in to his SHOW on MSNBC when I still had cable…I always thought he was more liberal than that…

  5. Yeah, at one time Dennis Miller was one of my favorite parts of SNL.

    To see just how far he has sunk, CHECK out the Miller/Maher interviews in this months Marie Claire Magazine (yeah, it’s one of my “girly” indulgences, so sue me).

    Chivalry is nice, but his “women will vote for Bush because he’ll protect them” is revolting.

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