No, I can’t imagine the pain

Almost three years ago, I took a stand against showing any photos of people jumping to their deaths FROM the World Trade Center.

Not out of weakness, or the inability to face life at its most gruesome… but out of consideration and sympathy. New York City is an hour away FROM here. I can’t think of anything crueler than watching someone you love face their final moments on this earth.

Over and over… and over.

I did the same today with the video of Nicholas Berg being beheaded.
His family lives here in Pennsylvania. An hour away or so in the other direction.

I don’t see politics here, I don’t see business. I certainly don’t see the “public’s right to know”.

I see a family in a great deal of pain right now, and a kind of torment I can’t possibly imagine.

My tears go out to Michael Berg and his family tonight. And my heart truly breaks for you.

God bless… :*(

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