No more drama in my life…

In the immortal words of the ever-so-sultry Mary J. Blige:
“So tired, tired, tired of all this drama”

Actually… no I’m not. :0)
Hee hee!

*Gets on piano and starts to play the theme to “The Young and the Restless”*

(Starts soliloquy)
You see… this is all bullshit I’m reading.
Just a pack of Attention Trolls™ whining…
Rather than just admit you were wrong
You just keep it going with self-righteous rants…

You stick up for truly disturbed people
You don’t see the gazillion private emails that *almost* got to me
When that didn’t work, then she resorted to kicking people close to me in the teeth
At the worse possible moments
All for the horrendous crime of being my friend
And you keep your eyes shut for that too… youuuuu moron!

What do you think of your friends now?
Oh, like you would even admit it to me
You’re just a jerk pretending to be noble
And I can’t help but throw my head back and laugh at you

* Little Midgets come out and give everyone the finger and wave ’em like they just don’t care *

I know your game now, you moronic little turds
Your spineless posts that you wont stand behind
You are a c-c-c-c-cowarrrrrrrd!
And I can’t help but throw my head back and laugh at you

*ow! that last one hurt.*
*I’m ok.*

So… what bothers you more?
The fact that I spend such *little* time thinking about you morons?
Even *less* effort, kicking your butts up and down the web?
The fact that I don’t link back?
Or the fact that no one is listening to you?

Or is it the guilt eating you up inside as you KNOW you fucked up, and made yourselves social pariahs?
Still rationalizing with your flawed logic
You’re the ones still talking about it…
You’re the ones who think everything I say pertains to *you* somehow…
Remember the “Digital Boomerang”? The “Fuck You Song”?

As much as I’d like to take credit for the dramas your insecurities created…
You did this *to yourselves*… all *by yourselves*. :0)
No one will listen because they know you’re full of crap…
We really have to get you guys a hobby, ‘cuz this is getting pathetic.

*(I’d throw my head back and laugh at you some more… but it’s still sore. Hope you’ll understand if I just quietly giggle at you and the delusional world you created. I’ll be here in the corner, k?)*

Back to living my life again…. with a little less dead weight around here.
But at least I know where to go when I need a good laugh.

Just know, for all the horrible things you guys said and did… I forgive you.

(I know, I know… I should have just kept ignoring them… )

8 thoughts on “No more drama in my life…

  1. I’m not being ridiculed all the time, Eric, I just saw you post some stuff about me over in Faith’s forum, which I thought was just an attempt to be funny.
    Of course I’m not angry at you for not linking to me, after all I asked you to remove the link.
    And yes, I also had you in mind when I wrote that post, I don’t have a problem to admitt that and I guess it’s obvious since you’re the only person online I’ve really argued with. I don’t think I’ve done horrible things to you that I need forgiveness for. Neither is it the opposite way around.
    It’s nice to see you still read my blog, and if it gives you good laughs, that’s nice too.

  2. Well, it was an attempt to be funny, dude.
    Believe it or not, I actually like you. I just wished you had shot me an email, asking me what was going on before you jumped in and gave them credibility way back then.

    If Kare’s garbage continues, everyone on her side is going to look really bad soon.

    You’re a talented designer, and you have a great sense of humor. While you may have no regrets in any of this, I am truly sorry we ended up on the opposite sides of the fence. You were a good friend.

  3. Goodness, you don’t half move around a lot. I couldn’t figure where you’d gone all of a sudden. I’ve only discovered you here because I checked my stats!
    I’m going to have to start adding you to my book in pencil!!

  4. how do you get the fade effects on your buttons? would it be possible to make metalli-looking buttons? i don’t know why i’m asking, perhaps to distract myself from all the … you know, stuff. it’s not like i need metallic looking buttons. can you use an image? like, i was thinking that using the ‘building’ pattern from my big blue building skin as a button background, but then again, that would be silly. so, never mind, i am just babbling as a diversionary tactic, did it work?

  5. “how do you get the fade effects on your buttons?”

    CSS, my dear!
    1. I made a selector called .”btn”

    2. In my css:
    .btn { background: #FFCC00 url(img/btn.gif); background-repeat: repeat; border-color: #FFCC00; color: #000000; font-weight: bold; font-size: 9pt; font-style: normal; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}

    3. btn.gif is the gradient background in the buttons.

    4. <input type=”submit” class=”btn”>


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