Not Ready To Make Nice

Taking The Long Way - The Dixie ChicksWow! I’m listening to an Mp3 of the Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready To Make Nice”… and I must say I’m impressed! I’ve heard their music before and country/bluegrass isn’t my thing… they’re more polished now, nice crossover-pop feel. I like it!

Seems their 3 year exile did them some good, lots of soul searching, Rick Rubin producing… I have to buy this CD!

Proving once again the RIAA is dead wrong about MP3’s. I like to sample before I buy. And it’s really hard for die hard conservatives to keep screaming their career is over, considering “Taking The Long Way” has been the #1 album on Billboard’s top 200, Country and Canadian charts since it’s debut… LOL!!! (You guys are killing me here!)

As far as silly boycotts go, you know, I don’t see eye to eye politically with a lot of my favorite rock stars (Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar and Alice Cooper immediately come to mind). Some of them are total degenerates that I wouldn’t trust with my dog… much less my daughters. But they fucking rock!

The choice is yours, of course.

But hey, I’m buying “Taking The Long Way” album, otherwise the only person I’m punishing here is myself. For the music. Not as a political statement or a show of support in a country where we should ALL be free to voice our opinions.

Ok, well maybe a little bit of both. 😀

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